Baby Review

baby-review-akshay-kumarBOTTOM LINE
Thrills till it ends.

‘U’ certified, 159.42 mins.


Baby-Review-Akshay-KumarWhat is the film about?
Baby is the name of an operation that contains a team of specially recruited agents who fight against terrorism. One mission follows other and how they thwart the terrorists plans is what the film is all about.

How is Akshay Kumar’s performance?
Akshay Kumar has without any doubt given one of his career best performances. The star has acted at his restraint best with utmost control of emotion. And we need not talk about action sequences that he is so adept at.

Neeraj-Pandey-baby-reviewDirection By Neeraj Pandey?
Neeraj Panday has in the past made films like A Wednesday and Special 26. Now if we add Baby to the list, there is a common strength running through all of them and it is the screenplay. It is the backbone once again for this film as well. Baby takes off in a slow manner, especially with the family sequence and song involving the main protagonist but the action shifts to main plot the pace is relentless. In the second half the effect is more pronounced as there are no deviations and the screenplay runs on the single point agenda that thrills right through the end.

The cast and all are important but ultimately once again Neeraj Pandey is the hero of the film. Yes, there are thematic problems in the representations of certain stereotyped characters and actions taken but of seen purely from engagement and entertainment perspective, Baby shines.

taapsee-pannu-baby-reviewTapsee Pannu, Rana and others performance?
Rana Daggubati frankly speaking has very little to do in the film. And so does Tapsee. They just play characters that appears only in ‘parts’ of a bigger mission and that’s it. They are presented in a very neat and effective manner though. Even Anupam Kher has similar sort of role but the veteran being the actor that he is, he completely steals the show from everyone with his Shukla act whenever he is present on screen. Danny Denzonpga is another example of good casting. He does his part with great charm which otherwise would have been completely uninteresting one. Rashid Naz as Maulana Mohammad Rahman was scintillating in the few scenes he got. The rest of the character actors who had small screen time like Murali Sharma, Sushant Singh etc too leave a mark.

Meet-Bros-Anjjan-Baby-RevieMusic and other departments?
There is only one song in the film and its okay. It is the background score by Sanjoy that needs mention as he has done fabulous job. Editing is slick for most parts. Cinematography is really good giving the film an international look. Dialogues are another major asset, they are small, crisp and to the point. At times they are also corny and provide fun in an unintended way.

Second half.

Small drag in first half.
Thin story.
Stereotyped characterization of few.

anupam-kher-baby-reviewAlternative take:
The film is fine as it is and if there needs to be an alternative take to this it could be that where there is no ‘Argo’ inspiration felt.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?



Baby Review by Siddhartha

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