Baahubali 2 Review – Solid Prabhas And Powerful Drama


Solid Prabhas And Powerful Drama


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 47 mins

Prabhas-as-ShivuduWhat is the film about?
Well, the makers have told what the film is about in a simple and succinct manner and ran the movie’s promotion on that, with no further ado, Baahubali 2 is about – Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?

Performance by Prabhas?
Unlike the first part, Prabhas has major screen time and many highlight scenes in the film. But an important thing to observe here is that those highlight scenes are hero elevation exhibitions rather than anything that involves extraordinary performance. So, Baahubali 2 is a memorable outing for Prabhas the action figure, but there is seriously nothing in it to showcase his acting skills, once again.

Director-SS-RajamouliHow is SS Rajamouli’s direction??
Director SS Rajamouli is a master of certain kind of raw emotions and the drama that can be milked out of it. In Baahubali 2 the director entirely drives the key sequences with those emotions. So, to put simply those who can take in those emotions without feeling bored or offended, they would have a great time watching the movie and those who can’t they could still have decent one-time watching experience as there are other things to get immersed into.

The film begins on a terrific note with the title sequence and hero introduction providing unlimited goosebumps. What more can one do after such an opening is what comes to everyone’s mind and that is where SS Rajamouli cleverly diverts the attention with comedy and romance. There is a scene in between reminding the main track but that only comes into force before the interval. From then on till the interval Rajamouli knocks it out of the park.

The second half starts slowly but changes gear once the “Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?” sequences starts. It is neatly handled, but there is a feeling that it overstays its welcome due to the length. The emotional drama that runs the narrative during this hour also gives us a watching a serial kind of vibe. Following the drama, the climax is overstretched, and poor graphics make it unimpressive. However, all the while superb elevations are reserved for hero which makes one stick through entire proceedings. SS Rajamouli’s direction is solid, and his execution is distinct, but the content lets him down a bit.

Anushka-Shetty-as-Maharani-DevasenaRana, Anushka, Ramya Krishna and Others?
The ladies and senior artists once again get the lion’s share of performance moments. Both, Anushka and Ramya Krishna are good. However, Anushka steals the show in the first half. She is the one who drives the narrative primarily. Ramya Krishna takes off from where she left in the first half but the more we see her act, the more predictable her performance becomes. Rana Daggubati’s role gets exciting as the movie progresses and it takes a full shape during the middle of the second half. He is superb at all the critical moments. Nassar is terrific too. Sathyaraj’s character has multiple shades, and the actor is up to the challenge and delivers the needed. Subbaraju is fine in his small but important role.

Music-Director-MM-KeeravaniMusic and Other Departments?
Music by MM Keeravani is a mixed bag. The songs are weak, but they are neatly picturized which nullifies the effect. The background score should have been better. The cinematography is excellent. The visual effects are good barring few scenes where everything on screen feels like watching a cartoon. Editing in scenes involving the VFX is not up to the mark. The choreography of songs are good overall but barring a song they aren’t creatively on the same level as the first one. Action choreography is splendid.

Prabhas-Anushka chemistry
Hero elevation scenes

Predictable drama
Stretched WKKBB
Large parts of second half
Background score

Rana-Daggubati-as-Bhallala-DevaAlternative Take
Something more creative and fresh regarding story instead of the usual done to death drama.

How is Baahubali 2 Compared To Baahubali?
The one major and most significant difference between the two movies is that while watching the first part, we were taken into a new world. Everything felt new and fresh, and the story only added to the mystery of Mahismati kingdom. In the second part, after few sequences into the film, that sense of watching an epic is gone, and it feels like we are watching a regular drama unfold at such high cost. It’s like a regular Telugu film only made at a gigantic cost. It makes BB2 lose epic feel in the overall sense compared to the first part but “hero” gets all the attention and elevation he needs.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, the elevation scenes

Will you recommend it?

Baahubali 2 Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti

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Show over. Watch out for our review shortly.

Lengthy climax comes to an end.

First Half Report:

Superb first half with the right blend of drama and light moments. The drama overpowers everything though.

– Amarendra Baahubali anu nenu – An SS Rajamouli mark sensational goosebump interval.

– It’s Showtime (as #Prabhas says) – #Baahubali2. Peaks of excitement all over to watch the epic conclusion. Our next update will be the first half report. Visit back this space.

Baahubali 2 Live Updates will begin at 9pm IST. Baahubali 2 Review will be up after the show.
Baahubali 2 Preview:

To rock an entire nation and to keep the pan-Indian audiences pre-occupied with the only question is never heard of in the history of not only the Indian Cinema but also the World Cinema. ‘Baahubali, The Beginning’ set the stage for the euphoria rocking the nation.

Who is the root cause for this? The magnanimous dream of one person and his conviction made the canvas of a regional cinema spread far and wide. Rajamouli is that one filmmaker who weaved the magic called ‘Baahubali‘. He is all set to mesmerize us with the second installment of the Baahubali franchise.

After Rajamouli, Prabhas deserves a lot of appreciation for his confidence on the director and dedicate five years of his career. He earned overnight stardom across the country. Prabhas’ dedication needs to be acknowledged only by hailing the way he played the two roles he essayed.

There had been a buzz that Prabhas is playing three roles. Even if he isn’t playing the third role, there is a lot to expect from him in the second part. The trailer and the ‘Saahore’ song bit are tempting us to anticipate that he is going to leave us spellbound with the strong emotions he is going to display.

Rana as Bhallaladeva is luring us with his menacing look and animalistic energy and power. We are tricked into expecting Bhallaladeva to be more menacing and cruel. He is the one behind the rise and the fall of Amarendra Baahubali. How? We will know it very soon.

We watched Anushka in an aged role in the first part of Baahubali and we have seen glimpses of the regal beauty in the second part. Anushka’s fans are eagerly waiting to see her in all glamour and power-filled role in the second installment.

Having said all this, the technical brilliance of DOP Senthil Kumar, the art director Sabu Cyril and all the other technicians and Rajamouli’s team have worked their way into our hearts and made us feel that ‘Baahubali 2’ is our combined dream.

Above all, there is one question which is like a driving force to wait for the magnum opus and that is obviously “Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?” Superficially, this is the reason which shook the nation for an answer. But, it’s Rajamouli’s hard work, passion and unflinching dedication that made us breathe the word ‘Baahubali’.

The combination of the trade expectations, the pre-release business and the grandiose surrounding all the aspects of the epic movie is something which can’t be described easily. Let’s just wait to watch the suspense unfold and be an audience to the records it is going to create and the suspense awaiting us. ‘Saahore Baahubali’!.

Baahubali 2 Live updates:

– First show in Hyderabad has just begun. Few more show will start in Hyderabad soon.
– Very first world premier Baahubali 2 Dubai show completed. Reports coming in from Dubai says Ramya Krishna’s performance is the best of the movie. Dubai premiere has the unanimous report on those who watched Baahubali part one will not be disappointed with Baahubali – – Appreciation for title cards showed every key character from part one as sculpture is really awesome. Devasena entry. Negative comments being posted on Subbaraju’s comedy on social media but he is not bad.

– There were several rumors about Anushka’s weight and it’s impact on Baahubali 2 but surprisingly she adds lot of value to the movie. Anushka’s scenes with Prabhas and her dialogues with Ramya Krishna are a highlight.
– It will be a relief for those who disliked Tamanna’s role in Baahubali part one. In Baahubali 2 Tamanna hardly gets any screen space. She appears in the climax of the movie for couple of shots.
– All supporting characters played by seniors are decent. Right from Sathyaraj, Ramya Krishna, Nassar did their job. At the end you don’t feel like one dominated others.
– Anushka’s make up comes as a big surprise. There is significant difference in her old get up make up between part one and part two. For those who paid attention will find this very funny.
– The kind of importance Prabhas has got will surely makes Rana jealous. Unlike part one, in part two Prabhas gets all the heroic elevation which suites quite well for his body language.
– Ramya Krishna as Sivagami did a great job though nothing is extraordinary.
– The common language used for dialogues spoil the epic feel though it’s not any bad.
– Prabhas’s costumes and styling is far better than first part.
– 30 years industry Prudvi gets a single shot role in the film as Maharani Devasena’s Mantri not sure why he was picked for that role.
– Songs visuals in first half exceeds your expectations.
– Extraordinary reports for interval bang from early shows.
– Finally the most awaited goosebumps due is here. Interval bang is sensational sure to give us goosebumps.
– Huge appreciation for Sethupathy vichaarana scene. Also Prabhas’s elevation scenes are good.
– Grand frames, never seen visuals are main highlights.
– Prabhas elevation is at peak. His image will at a whole different level after Baahubali 2.
– Second half is running high on emotions though they are very much predictable.
– Background music by Keeravani is a let down surely. Audience who expected great work from would surely be disappointed.
– Some of the VFX shots in Climax war looks very poor but high dose of action from Prabhas and Rana Daggubati covers it.
– Climax war is very lengthy.

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