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Awe-“Some” Effort


‘U/A’Certified -1 hrs 55 minutes

Awe Review, Awe Movie Review, Awe Telugu Movie RatingsWhat is the film AWE about?
Six individuals have six different issues going on. How they all come together is what the film is all about?

How is Kajal Aggarwal’s performance?
Kajal gets the “Lead” role in a sense, but she is lead only to say so. She has very little to do and is alright in that segment.

Awe Review, Awe Movie Review, Awe Telugu Movie RatingsDirection By Prasanth Varma?
First and foremost it is a fantastic effort for a debut director. Just the idea alone deserves a pat on the back, but to come up with a screenplay and then have multiple layers to it, is all awesome. The world around me and I in the world is a great concept and kudos to Prashanth Varma to weave a story and screenplay around it.

But, at the end of the day, Awe is a film, and like every film, it comes with a set of problems. If we dissect it, the movie is okay in parts. Few stories do not engage after a point. The ones we did not like involves the ghost, magic, and time. Love and food were beautiful in the way they are conceived and what they convey.

Also, the issue here is the climax involving the **spoiler**. Post that climax, instead of the “Awe” or “Wow” feeling; there is a mixed reaction. It is because of the lack of emotional connection and the narrative involving multiple emotional cues taking us in different directions. When the climax occurs, a mere voice-over is not enough to bring everything together and give a solid punch, nor is the climax in itself enough to be the solid punch. The lack of narrative cohesiveness hurts the grand finale. But, as said before, the idea is sensational and props to the director to take it that far.

Overall, Awe, is brilliant conceptually, and some parts are sensational, but as a whole, it lacks the solid impact to make it memorable for ages. And only a truly remarkable movie can really inspire a generation to reach that level.

It brings us to another point, and similar to the layers of Awe, the film reveals a lot about the Telugu Film industry in general. There is a grand idea, but the best we have been able to do is scratch the surface of that potential. The ghost, magic, love, food, and time aspects of the (short) stories only touch or show the element that is already known. A textbook sort of approach is followed to bring them onscreen, but no “life” is felt. The heart is missing, and everything feels like a showcase of excess. The “organic” development and emotional connect goes missing. Since in Telugu films, these are rare occurrences, many times, even half decent stuff gets elevated. Awe is one such decent stuff.

Awe Review, Awe Movie Review, Awe Telugu Movie RatingsRegina Cassandra, Nithya Menen and others?
The different actors have all done their parts well. Nithya Menen and Regina are good performance wise. Esha is alright. Srinivas Avasarala starts off well, but somewhere the energy goes missing. Priyadarshi is fine. The voice overs of Nani and Ravi Teja are terrific.

Awe Review, Awe Movie Review, Awe Telugu Movie RatingsMusic and other departments?
There are no songs, only background score and it is excellent. The cinematography and editing are on the spot. The dialogues are apt for the stories selected.

Awe Review, Awe Movie Review, Awe Telugu Movie RatingsHighlights?

Basic concept

Awe Review, Awe Movie Review, Awe Telugu Movie RatingsDrawbacks?

Few Stories
Emotional Disconnect
Second Half

Awe Review, Awe Movie Review, Awe Telugu Movie RatingsAlternative Take
Making it crispier by taking out a couple of stories and increasing emotional resonance with the finale.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

AWE Review by Siddartha Toleti


Final Report:

Awe is surely an out of box attempt but is it worth a theater visit? Visit back for our frank review shortly here.

– Climax and the suspense factor revealed.

– Tree (Ravi Teja) explaining the advantages of trees is hillarious.

– Ravi Teja’s intro as a tree, the second half started.

First Half Report:

As promoted Awe is an out of box attempt. First half covers few characters one after the other. Few work, few lack the punch. Interval bang connects the dots. Stay tuned for the second half report.

– Murali Sharma’s magician episode may appeal to kids, adults may find this bit boring. The real story line and the connection between the characters yet to be revealed.

– After Priyadarshi’s brief chef episode,  Srinivas Avasarala introduced as a scientist. We get to see each character at a time.

– Nani’s intro as fish, though it’s just a voice over Nani’s presence is felt with his style of comic touch via dialogues.

– Eesha Rebba introducing Nithya Menen to her parents with a twist is fun to watch.

– Awe title cards started with ‘Viswame Dagina’ theme song. The theme of the title cards is very different.

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Preview: Awe

Awe‘ started taking the apt route right from the title that definitely aroused the curiosity levels of the cine lovers. Initially, it was the title, the bunch of talented actors roped in for the movie and the producer, we mean Nani that made the cine-goers take a note of the film.

But gradually, the debutante director Prashanth Varma started revealing the interesting and intriguing aspects of his debut venture. He shocked the audiences with the looks he has got designed for the four leading ladies, especially, for Regina Cassandra.

Next, the voice overs of Nani as a fish and Ravi Teja as a Bonsai tree added to the curiosity factor. Of course, the teaser set certain expectations and the trailer took them to a higher level. Cine lovers felt that, the trailer that was differently cut was just awesome.

The newbie seems to be adept at playing with different genres blending them into one. At least for the time being, Prashanth Varma made heads turn with the promotional content and not to forget that it’s Nani’s backing that had made everything possible in the first place.

If all this isn’t enough, the theme music of the movie also received huge thumbs up. Now, the positive talk from the special celeb show took the expectations a notch higher. The expectations are higher not in the terms of money it might collect but in terms of the out-of-the-box idea that might take Telugu movie to a higher level.

Hope, this movie turns out to be as different as this preview, unlike the other graded previews that talk about the hero, director, music, and the producers. Here, the idea itself seems to be everything. So, let’s wait and see if this movie really turns out to be a different one. Stay tuned for our first report from the première show and our genuine mirchi9’s Awe review.

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