Auto-Nagar-Surya-rvwBOTTOM LINE
Unrepaired mess.

‘A’ Certified, 159 mins.


What is “Autonagar Surya” about?
One man’s fight against the system. The man here is Surya and the system is the mafia in Autonagar.

How is Naga Chaitanya performance?
Naga Chaitanya has got everything here that is required to make a strong impression as a commercial hero. The hero elevation scenes, dialogues and fights, everything is right there for him. But the actor fails to go the whole distance and one gets a feeling that he is lost after a point and delivers a performance in the end that scratches only the surface of what should have been a powerhouse of a performance and character of a lifetime. On the positive side its clear that this is the film that has opened him up a lot as a performer that we are now been used to.

deva-kattaDirection by Deva Katta?
Director Deva Katta has taken a subject which has become a cliché over the years. One man fighting for his beliefs, fighting for the people, fighting against the system controlled by political goons is a done to death subject. The difference here is dialogues written by the director himself. If not for the dialogues and the set up with all the mambo jambo, the film would have been a complete snooze fest with the amount of predictability and poor quality of technicality on offer. There are surely few noteworthy scenes that do manage to pique the interest but in a muddled screenplay the impact is lost.

Samantha and other artists performance?
Samantha and her whole plot with the hero adds to length of the film along with predictable and narrative halting songs. In few scenes Samantha does manage to showcase her emotional side though. Jithendra, a television artist makes his debut as a villain with the film. He is fine initially but soon turns into a caricature with his over the top act. Nandu playing the friend of hero and frustrated with his ways has done a neat job. He in fact holds his own against the hero in a scene or two. Saikumar is given a severely underwritten role in the film where most of the characters have got good lines. He tries his best to engage the audience but the character fails him. Comedians Brahmanandam and Venu Madhav are also wasted.

How is Anoop Rubens’s Music and other departments ?
Music by Anup Rubens is not his finest but a couple of numbers do register. Unfortunately the picturization and placement kill any little excitement they could have mustered. The background score is patchy in parts but decent overall. Cinematography is probably the worse one might have seen for a big film in a long time. Its the same with editing too. One gets a feeling that the raw unrefined film was released due to the long delay to avoid any further delays.

Couple of emotionally charged action scenes.

Muddled screenplay.
Songs placement.

What about the box office performance of the film?
Due to the recent extraordinary performance of an Akkineni release and it being a mass film, Autonagar Surya is going to get decent opening if not really good. But since the content alienates bother the multiplex as well as mass audience it will be a big struggle ahead for the film.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts.

Will you recommend it?
With lots of reservations and caution.



Reviewed by Siddhartha