Attack telugu movie reviewBOTTOM LINE
A joke from RGV on audience


U/A Cerified, 108 mins.

Attack reviewWhat is the film about?
Gururaj’s (Prakash Raj) family members are killed one by one. Who is behind the attacks and how the family takes revenge is what the film is all about.

How is Manchu Manoj’s performance?
First half of the film Manchu Manoj takes a backseat as per the story. It’s in second half that he comes into play and does his job as per the requirements. There is no over action and Manoj does his part neatly.

Director-Ram-Gopal-Varma-Attack-ReviewDirection By Ram Gopal Varma?
Ram Gopal Varma makes the film in his usual style. Looking past that raw style there is nothing in terms of the story or performance extracted by him that stands out. Everything feels like been there done that coming from him.

Attack review
Surabhi, Poonam Kaur and others?
There are number of recognizable actor’s in the film like Jagapathi Babu, Vadde Naveen, Prakash Raj and Abhimanyu Singh in the film. They all have short parts but everyone feels relevant and does their part well. Prakash Raj has the easiest role of all mouthing lines sprouting wisdom. Jagapathi Babu has short role, he is alright. Vadde Naveen could have done better. Abhimanyu Singh delivers a performance typical of him. Surabhi has a one tone performance which gets irritating soon. Others have really short roles to have any sort of impact.

Attack reviewMusic and other departments?
There are no songs in usual sense, it’s all in the background. The background score on the other hand is loud and headache inducing. Editing is fine. Cinematography is bad. Dialogues are good.

Attack reviewHighlights?
Few performances
Short length

Predictable story and screenplay

Attack reviewAlternative Take
With most of RGV films there are no alternative takes just watch Godfather again.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Attack Review by Siddhartha