Aravinda Sametha Review – Decent One Time Watch

Aravindha Sametha Review

Decent One Time Watch


‘U/A’Certified, 2 hrs 42 mins

Jr NTR -Aravindha Sametha ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
When Veera Raghava Reddy’s (Jr NTR) father gets killed in a faction clash, he instantly takes avenge for the death. However, the aftermath doesn’t give him happiness. Listening to the words of grandmother Raghava (Jr NTR) leaves the village and shifts to a new place. He befriends Aravinda (Pooja Hegde) there, and her personality starts to give answers to the questions in Raghava’s mind. How Raghava’s tries to put an end to the faction rivalry is what the film is all about in the end?

How Is Jr NTR’s Performance?
Young Tiger NTR’s acting in Aravindha Sametha is one of the most memorable and best ones in his career. The loudness is controlled, and intensity increases which create a perfect impact that can’t be missed at all. The introduction scene itself showcases the various shades from high-level anger to emotion. The post-action crying shot in front of Nagababu is terrific and among the best acting moments in Jr NTR’s career. The dialogue modulation too is neatly done.

The dances and fun take a backseat, but that is not at all a problem personally. However, it might appear a bit one dimensional to a few due to the persistence serious tone and stare throughout.

Trivikram-SrinivasDirection by Trivikram Srinivas?
As if to make up for the crap Trivikram Srinivas delivered previously, he opens Aravindha Sametha with a bang. The first block from the entrance of the hero in the village to his leaving with a turmoil in mind, everything is simply brilliant. In fact, the impact is so strong that it makes everything else that follows look weak. Also, this is the part that is atypical Trivikram.

Once the plot moves to Hyderabad, we meet the regular Trivikram with his “latest” brand of classy humour. There is a struggle to blend this segment into the main narrative, and it stays that way until the end. But, the purpose is served as the director uses the heroine character to bring a change in the hero, and give a solution to his inner turmoil. The comedy used to usher the difference is slightly silly and also dilutes the core thought initially. However, it gets on a serious mode just before the interval and continues that way with minor hiccups.

The second half is where the movie falters as the director has to reach a predictable end and yet engage and entertain. If it was all about engaging, maybe things could have been brighter, but the entertainment factor throws the narrative off balance slightly. The idea behind the climax is excellent from the villain perspective but the cinematic way the hero ends, it makes it look weak. It should have been much stronger thematically.

The writing, which is a strong pursuit of director Trivikram Srinivas is good. It is the glue that holds the mass and class scenes together. There is rhyming, but the director has taken care to not sound them too obvious like some of his previous outings.

Overall, there is much to rejoice for Jr NTR and his fans regarding the performance. It is a decent one-time watch for the action and elevation blocks.

Pooja HegdePooja Hegde and Others?
Pooja Hegde has a got a decent role. It starts off strongly but eventually settles as another dumb female heroine character from Trivikram. Esha Rebba is just a sidekick with nothing much to do in the core plot-wise. Jagapathi Babu is fantastic. But, the problem is he has done too many characters in the same zone that it appears routine to watch. Only the get up keeps changing.

Sunil’s presence in a big movie is appreciable, but he lacks a memorable part. In fact, his role is so weak that we don’t eve recall him or any scene featuring him once the show gets over. Rao Ramesh is excellent as usual. Naresh and Srinivas Reddy are wasted. Nagababu is alright in a small, but vital part. There are many female characters artists. They have one scene each to register their presence.

Music-Director-Thaman-1Music and Other Departments?
SS Thaman has without any doubt put heart and soul into the film. The songs are situational, and they work well within the movie’s narrative. The background music is excellent. The cinematography is neat, and the editing is first-rate mostly barring few abrupt cuts.

Two meetings involving Rao Ramesh

Romantic Track
Parts of the second half

Eesha- RebbaAlternative Take
Without shifting the tone to regular commercial entertainment format, the emotional strains of Raghava should have been better resolved with a fresh approach of actually showing a generational change. The key here is avoiding the regular format, not ignoring the commercial elements entirely.

Did I Enjoy It?
For the most part

Will You Recommend It?
Yes but with reservation.

Aravindha Sametha Review by Siddartha


Final Report:

A routine plot handled well by Trivikram in his usual style makes Aravindha Sametha a decent one time watch. Tarak, his dialogue modulation, emotions and action blocks are highlights. The downside is the entertainment is low. Watch out for our honest review soon.

– Unexpected twist to Basi Reddy’s son Naveen Chandra character. The movie is heading towards climax.

– Tarak has tried a new dialogue modulation for Aravinda Sametha, and it is superb.

– Aravindha Sametha second half started. The Chatbuster song ‘Peniviti’ is a mixed bag on screen due to lack of establishment of mother role and the way it is shot.

First Half Report:

A decent first half keeping the excitement and intrigue alive for the second half. Tarak, with a refreshing screen presence and action with fan moments, stands out. Everything else feels normal.

– Tarak looks lean and fit. There is a visible difference in the way he looks on screen due to his perfectly chiselled body for Aravindha Sametha.

– Veera Raghava meets Sunil (Neelambari) and Aravinda’s (Pooja Hegde) family. The story shifts into entertaining mode.

– Veera Raghava Reddy decided to leave the faction and the village to calm down the faction wars.

– First twenty minutes runs on a highly emotional note. Veera Raghava’s (NTR) entry followed by a high action block and ‘Yeda Poyinado’ song.

– First fight and Tarak’s shirtless entry fight has enough high moments for fans, but has a high dose of violence.

– Naga Babu son, Veera (NTR) comes to his village. Twist to Naga Babu’s character.

– Faction war between Basi Reddy (Jagapathi Babu) and Naga Babu gets worse.

– Aravindha Sametha show started with a flash back episode of faction story in Kommaddi. Sunil takes us back to the flash back.


Aravinda Sametha US Premier Live Updates will begin from 2 AM IST (4.30 PM EST).

A project like ‘Aravindha Sametha‘ has all the positiveness surrounding it because of the first time crazy combination of NTR with Trivikram Srinivas. Besides the crazy combo, everything is working in the favor of the movie after the makers chose to release the promo material, one after the other.

Everything is set for the big bang and it is all left to Trivikram Srinivas to deliver, big time. He has another responsibility lying on his head and that is erasing the bad memories of his previous release ‘Agnyathavaasi’. NTR is adept at delivering when he gets an emotional content to enact and going by the faction backdrop, it’s understood that he must have given his best as a performer.

Coming to the music of the movie, SS Thaman’s music wasn’t extraordinary but it might gel well with the content of the movie as we have heard two situational songs that could connect with the audiences, instantly. The fun numbers are anyway there to satisfy NTR’s fans. SS Thaman’s background score will be help the movie tremendously if Trivikram’s story turns out to be engaging enough.

Coming to the heroine, not much is known about Pooja Hegde’s role but her character’s name included in the title of the movie made us believe that her character might be crucial to the proceedings of the story, not just being a glamour doll.

Looking at the advance bookings of the movie, ‘Aravindha Sametha’ has got all that is needed for a big star’s movie in the direction of star director. The openings are certainly going to be big and we might even get to see previous records breaking (non-Baahubali records to be specific) and setting new records. The best is assured for the NTR’s starrer along with enviable number of theatres and advance booking stats.

NTR said that he had been waiting for the combo for 10 years and it is to be seen if Trivikram proves worthy of that wait. Will Trivikram wipe away the blame that fell upon him for allegedly lifting the story and also the scenes of a French movie? As NTR said, one bad movie will not decide the caliber of a director. Hope, this movie will live up to the expectations.

We’ll be back with a comprehensive genuine ‘Aravinda Sametha’ review, very soon. Stay tuned, folks!

Aravindha Sametha US Premier gross at 12 PM EST – $721,077

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