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Very Routine Raja!





What Is the Film About?

Raja (Raj Tarun) is a security guard in a software company. Shruti is an employee in the company. They accidentally meet each other many times and Shruti falls in love without realising Raja’s job.

What happens when Shruti knows the reality? Meanwhile, a supari gang is after Raja at someone’s command. Who wants Raja dead and what happens to his love is the film’s basic plot.


Raj Tarun is back with a new film after what looks like a long gap. However, there is no change in his acting. It is the same usual Raj Tarun with his energy and timing. The ‘Bangaram’ role in the movie offers him some starry moments, but he lacks the swag to pull it off and comes across as Dhanush-lite.


Sreenu Gavireddy directs Anubhavinchu Raja. It is his debut as a director. He has picked a simple entertainer for the same.

The grandfather monologue at the opening following by the introduction of the hero in an unexpected set-up starts things well for Anubhavinchu Raja. One hopes some fresh entertainer on cards and it is further cemented with the security guard set up.

However, the narrative stagnates with the movie shifting to Hyderabad. The introduction of the heroine and the building up of the romantic track between the leads takes up almost an entire half.

There is no story at all in the first half until the pre-interval mark. What we get is the usual comedy with a misunderstanding angle. Yes, some bits offer fun, but everything else happens predictably. There is no newness on offer.

The interval twist is alright considering everything that has taken place before. It definitely creates a small curiosity as to what is in store next.

The second half shifts to the village setting. As the narrative progresses, the impression is that of watching an entirely new film. The two halves have nothing in common except routineness.

The same beaten to death happenings take place in the second half with very little fun or engaging drama. Even the small messages about being native and all is seen before.

The characterisation of the hero allows for some dramatic moments, but it’s handled very childishly. There is no connection with Bangaram.

After a point, the whole thing is about a particular twist in the tale. It is related to the Supari gang. Even this track leads to a predictable and routine end.

Overall, Anubhavinchu Raja is extremely routine from the start. There are some comedy bits in between, but that’s about it. It, therefore, ends up as an easily avoidable fare theatrically.


Kashish Khan suits the role of an urban working girl neatly. She looks lovely, and has that cute vibe overall, but is also unappealing in a few angles. Since there is nothing much to write about performance, these looks stand out.

Sudarshan handles comedy in the first half along with Raj Tarun. He is alright. Bhadram is wasted. Posani Krishna Murali has a good scene educating about the festival mood and the importance of celebration. There are many known faces in the second half like Ajay, Naren etc., but none stand out.

Music and Other Departments?

The songs by Gopi Sundar are alright. But, he has done excellent work with the background score. He lifts many ordinary scenes with his pumping bgm. Nagesh Banel’s cinematography is okay. The editing by Chota K Prasad is alright. The writing is on expected lines related to a typical entertainer.


Few Comedy Bits


Predictable Narration
Zero Freshness

Alternative Take

The sequences related to the village president elections in the second half and the connection of Bangaram and Rahul could have been better written and explored. It would have alternatively added more depth to the existing narrative.

Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?


Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti