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Ante.. Chooseyandi


2h 56m, ‘U’ Certified.

Nazriya-Nazim-Nani-Ante-Sundaraniki-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Sundar (Nani) and Leela (Nazriya) are childhood friends even though they belong to different religions. Sundar has a crush on Leela from the start but is afraid to tell it to her.

Years later, Sundar and Leela grow up and eventually fall in love. However, they are afraid of the respective families and devise a plan involving lies to convince them. What was the plan, and how did it turn the relationship between the two families? Do Sundar and Leela have a happy ending is the movie’s basic plot.

A role like Sundar is home territory for Nani and his ‘Natural Star’ persona, evoking the boy next door. When we watch Ante Sundaraniki, we know why it is so. He hits it out of the park with this one.

The nervousness of a youngster from a chaste Brahmin family and the fears along with innocence and frustration is brought out terrifically by Nani. The writing and smoothness in execution enhance the appeal further. It makes it a memorable outing for him as a star and actor.

Nazriya compliments Nani, courtesy of her bubbliness and zing. Her mere personality works for the character rather than any performance. One can say they are both ‘natural’ in a way. All in all, the actress has picked the right project to make her come back. It utilises her talents well and also brings her to a new audience.

Vivek Athreya, the new-gen director with a fresh voice, directs Ante Sundaraniki. He has in the past made Mental Madhilo and Brochevarevarura.

If anyone has seen the previous two flicks of Vivek Athreya, it would be easy to set an expectation with Ante Sundaraniki. The young director doesn’t disappoint on that count.

Vivek Athreya again picks a simple yet identifiable subject with a wafer-thin storyline. What makes it work is the world he creates and the characters he populates it with. In Ante Sundaraniki, we have two families belonging to two different religions.

The focus is primarily on the hero’s Hindu family, and it is here that Vivek Athreya sets things in motion perfectly. The small details related to the characters and characterizations are brought out well. The downside is he takes a lot of time to establish the ‘world’; it is nearly an hour.

Another critical thing is the lead pair of Nani and Nazriya. It is not a typical pairing in a commercial sense. The parts require actors, and in that way, both fit the roles. But, it takes time to get used to the pairing, especially from the heroine’s side.

Once these issues related to the world and the heroine are settled, the second half of Ante Sundaraniki is a smooth ride. The comedy and emotions work wonderfully. Vivek Athreya plants and executes the payoff neatly without appearing formulaic anywhere. The screenplay is neat, comprising a blend of fresh, funny situations written with a high dose of classiness.

The climax culminates all the arcs beautifully in a well-packed way. It leaves us with the warmth and happiness of a satisfactory watch.

Overall, Ante Sundaraniki takes time to take off, but it never comes down when it does. The writing and performances elevate the proceedings and make it a smooth and breezy watch. If you like a funny, heartwarming rom-com, Ante Sundaraniki is the ideal viewing.

Naresh-Ante-Sundaraniki-movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
Apart from Nani and Nazriya, there is a large cast in Ante Sundaraniki playing the supporting parts. It includes the names like Naresh, Nadiya, Rohini, Azhagam Perumal etc. They play the parents of the respective actors. Among them, Naresh gets the lion’s share of presence, and he delivers. A couple of blocks involving him and Nani in the second half are hilarious. Nadiya and Rohini do well in the emotional moments.

Anupama Parameshwaran plays a special role, and she is fine. Harsha Vardhan is seen in a decent part after a gap and is utilized well. Rahul Ramakrishna appears in a scene and is fine. The rest of the actors have bits and pieces roles, and they are okay.

Music-Director-Vivek-SagarMusic and Other Departments?
Vivek Sagar provides the music for the movie. Considering the genre and its commercial appeal, the songs play a crucial role in elevating the proceedings. Unfortunately, the young musician has failed in that aspect. There are no memorable songs in the movie. However, when it comes to the background score, it is terrific. We have seen Vivek Sagar do the same in the past, and Ante Sundaraniki is no different. The score for the situational comedy and emotions in the second hour is superb and elevates the proceedings.

Visually Ante Sundaraniki bears a classy and slick look. Niketh Bommi has done a good job as a cinematographer, and so are the production values by the banner. The editing could have been better by Ravi Teja Girijala, especially in the first half. The writing is excellent, as mentioned earlier.


Parts Of First Half
Music (Songs)

Nadiya-Ante-Sundaraniki-movie-ReviewAlternative Take
Better songs and the crispier first half would have elevated Ante Sundaraniki to the next level. Storywise the childhood track could be cut down further.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, For The Most Part

Will You Recommend It?

Ante Sundaraniki Movie Review by Mirchi9


Final Report:

After significant lag in the first half, Ante Sundaraniki more than makes up for it in the second half. Situational comedy and emotions work out due to the writing, timing and performances. It elevates the proceedings and makes the whole thing click. Watch out for our review.

— Both families are developing a bond after some circumstances. The movie is now heading towards the climax.

— The lengthy conversation block where Sundar tries to reveal his problem to his father is hilarious and shows the excellent comic side of Nani.

— Ante Sundaraniki second half started. Sundar and Leela are back in India.

First Half Report:

The first half of Ante Sundaraniki deals with predictable emotions but in the unique style (writing-wise) of Vivek Athreya. However, he takes his own sweet time to come to the point, stretching the simple line.

Entertainment is the key, and a lot depends on the second half of Ante Sundaraniki to lift it from being a merely passable watch.

— Both Sundar and Leela finally decided to announce it to their parents. Interval.

— Now it’s time for Leela Thomas (Nazriya)’s introduction. The childhood memories of Laeela and Sundar along with his one side love struggle is being shown via bits of flashback episodes.

— Sundar is trying his best to convince his father and manager for his long time U.S. dream. His colleague Anupama Parameswaran is trying to help him.

— Sundar (Nani) had to deal with the most superstitious father Naresh since his childhood.

— Ante Sundaraniki show started with a childhood backdrop.

— Unlike his recent outings, a simple boy next door introduction for Natural Star Nani.

Ante Sundaraniki U.S. Premiere updates will begin shortly. Stay tuned.

Ante Sundaraniki marks the return of Natural Star Nani to the boy next door terrain after a long gap. He unites with the Mental Madhilo and Brochevarevarura director Vivek Athreya for the same.

The combination and the genre make Ante Sundariki an eagerly awaited movie. Apart from the Nani and Vivek combo, the film also marks the comeback of bubbly actress Nazriya Nazim to the big screen. And last but not least, a big production house, Mythri Movie Makers, back it.

The long wait for a ‘fun’ movie from Nani in a romantic-comedy genre is the biggest USP of Ante Sundaraniki. The teaser and trailer have highlighted it aptly. Vivek’s writing brings freshness to the whole thing.

Given the current mood of serious films, a truly liked rom-com could become the first choice for the youth if done well. Nani additionally brings in the families. Ante Sundaraniki, therefore, is a deadly combo on paper. If it gets the right talk, there will be no looking back theatrically.

Nani had recently bounced back with Shyam Singha Roy’s success. Still, he wouldn’t mind a big blockbuster success, and Ante Sundaraniki looks like the perfect outing. Vivek Athreya, too could move to the next stage as a director.

Mirchi9 will bring you the ‘First-On-Net’ Ante Sundaraniki review genuinely and honestly, as always. Watch this space for our updates.