Andhhagadu ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Moderate Timepass


U/A – 2 hrs 12 mins.

Raj Tarun

What is Andhhagadu about?

Gautam (Raj Tarun) is a blind RJ who falls in love with Nethra (Hebah Patel), a doctor. How he wins her love and what are the problems he faces in between is what the film is all about.

How is Raj Tarun‘s performance?
This is a bread and butter kind of role for Raj Tharun. He plays a blind character, but it is the same body language and scenes that we have seen him do over and over again. It doesn’t feel boring right now but sooner or later, it will. The actor needs to take care of that and not just look at the present success.

Veligonda SrinivasDirection By Veligonda Srinivas?
Srinivas Veligonda is a well-known writer before turning a director. He has provided the story and screenplay for the film apart from directing it. His expertise is visible pretty clearly. The direction is alright, but story and screenplay are good.

Andhhagadu has a simple revenge plot in the end, but the way the director takes it to that point is superb. It is full of entertainment, and the narrative moves at a fast pace without stagnating at any point. Ideally, this is a perfect recipe for big success with good repeat value, but the director misses the bus due to the convoluted screenplay in the second half and lots of repetitiveness. The scenes after the first song and before the pre-climax twist are stretched for too long. It almost could have killed the film with the second half curse, luckily that is not the case here. Once again after the pre-climax, the climax is not that strong. Overall due to the inconsistent narrative and recurring theme in the second half, Andhhagadu is at best a decent one time watch.

Hebah PatelHebah Patel and other artist’s performance?

Hebah Patel is losing the fizz that she had initially, but still, she is alright. There is nothing much for her to do acting wise. Rajendra Prasad is good in a small but entertaining role. Sayaji Shinde and Ashish Vidhyarthi are dependable as usual. Raja Ravindra gets to play a villain after a long time, and he seems to relish it a bit too much. Sathya as the sidekick is in excellent form. Fish Venkat and Jayaprakash Reddy are wasted.

Sekhar ChandraMusic and other departments?
Music by Sekhar Chandra is alright with one good number. The cinematography is first rate. Editing is right overall barring few sequences. Dialogues are par for course.

Rajendra PrasadHighlights?
Pre-Climax And Twists

Scenes Before And After Pre-Climax
Second Half Feels Lengthy

Raja RavindraAlternative Take

As is with many films, the third act gets convoluted, and here there is a problem with second act as well. Neatly drawn-out second act with more flushed out ghost angle would have been a far better attempt.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes in parts.

Will you recommend it?
Yes but with slight reservations.

Andhhagadu Review by Siddartha Toleti