Ammammagarillu Review, Ammammagarillu Movie Review RatingsBOTTOM LINE
Preachy Overdone Melodrama


‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 36 mins

Ammammagarillu Review, Ammammagarillu Movie Review RatingsWhat is the film about?
Seetha Mahalakshmi has one wish, and that is to see all her children united under one roof and share happy memories with them. How Santosh (Naga Shourya) makes her dream come true is what the film is all about?

How is Naga Shaurya’s performance?
Naga Shaurya is a perfect fit for the character of Santosh. It is a typical boy next door role which requires him to be just charming. Few would fail even doing that, but luckily Naga Shaurya is not among them. He carries his part effortlessly without ever going overboard. There are no standout moments or any great chemistry with the lead, though.

Ammammagarillu Review, Ammammagarillu Movie Review RatingsDirection By Sundar Surya ?
Sundar Surya has a very outdated and routine concept in hand. Usually, there is an attempt at making such content in a fresh and modern way to engage the contemporary generation. Sundar Surya in Ammamagarillo makes no such attempt at all and throws one predictable melodramatic scene after other without respite.

Right from the beginning till the end, the director takes an old age approach to narrate the age-old story. There is no attempt on his part to modernise the proceedings at all. Everything is done with a strong sense of “old is good” hangover.

Within the utterly predictable and dated kitsch, Sundar Surya manages to build a narrative which has a good flow until the end. Everything goes as we expect and everyone does them with utter conviction and sincerity which turns fun (in ways unintended), after a point.

Still, even giving away all the leeway, Ammamagarillu fails in two key aspects. The resolution of crucial moments and the romance of the lead pair, it is as unconvincing as they come. Leaving aside them, Rao Ramesh and the pre-climax hold the interest momentarily. Overall, for the Telugu serials liking audience or for those who are in the Shatamanam Bhavati family zone, Ammammagarillu offers predictable tearjerker moments. Others can happily stay away or wait for an original copy.

Ammammagarillu Review, Ammammagarillu Movie Review RatingsShamili and others?
Shamili returns to Telugu cinema after a long gap. However, this time she has an even weaker role. There is no scope for her to register. After a point of time, one doesn’t care about her presence. She is relegated to one among the many artists present on the screen.

The real scene stealer and the highlight of the movie concerning performance is Rao Ramesh. He plays the kind of role he has done in Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu and Brahmotsavam, for the entire length of the movie. The act provides a strong antagonist part for the family drama. It is a one-man show. Apart from him, there are actors like Suman, Sudha, Hema, Shivaji Raja, Ravi Prakash and others. They all have a clichéd parts, and they do well in a predictable format. Sumitra as a grandmother is good. Shakalaka Shankar leaves a mark in whatever he gets.

Ammammagarillu Review, Ammammagarillu Movie Review RatingsMusic and other departments?
There are only two songs in the movie provided by Kalyan Ramana. He has done a neat job. Sai Karthik delivers the background score, and it is okay. The cinematography could have been way better. The editing is alright.

Ammammagarillu Review, Ammammagarillu Movie Review RatingsHighlights?
Rao Ramesh
Overall Message
Lock Your Age

Outdated Plot
Needless And Excessive Melodrama

Naa Peru Surya Review, Naa Peru Surya Movie Review RatingsAlternative Take
Instead of explaining in detail every other scene about how “great” it was in the past, building a story incorporating the events from the past would have given a far more nostalgic and emotional impact.

Did I enjoy it?
Few moments

Will you recommend it?

Ammammagarillu Review by Siddartha Toleti