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Raavan-Reddy-Alipiriki-Allantha-Dooramlo-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Babu (Raavan Reddy) is a poor guy whose family struggles to make ends meet. He falls in love with a rich girl Keerthi (Sri Nikitha). The girl’s father has one condition to marry: he should be rich.

What steps does Babu take to earn money? How it lands his family in trouble? What is the connection of God with all these is the movie’s core plot.

A few movies old, N Raavan Reddy, plays the lead in Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo. It is a role that is tailor-made for his age and personality. The rugged, shaved look and mostly unkempt hairstyle add to the effect. More than the looks, his general body language and appearance seem suited for the part, though.

Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo is mainly centred on his shoulders alone. He does a decent job in key, highly charged dramatic moments. The dialogues land neatly and create an impact. But they are very few, and nothing else works. But, as he suits the part, there is nothing to complain about.

Sri Nikitha appears mostly in the first half. She is below-par looks-wise and doesn’t get any scope to act. In a couple of confrontation scenes, the acting looks weak. It is an easily replaceable and forgettable part.

Anand J directs Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo. It is a simple emotional drama centred on the money where the crucial story happens within one night. The theme of greed and money hungriness, the moralistic dilemma behind it, is eternal, but one can’t help but feel a slight resemblance with Vedam (Allu Arjun’s track).

The film’s opening is vital in crucial connections during the second half. Therefore, it’s better not to miss it. But, looking at the large part of the first half, one might forget it anyways.

Most of the first half is devoted to a lacklustre love story. It just doesn’t work and drags the narrative. The songs, the romance, the writing and the executions are all poor. The making further makes it look like a short film.

The real story starts around the pre-interval mark when a wholly different track from the love story is introduced. It is related to money and the idea of robbing by the hero.

There is some momentum and fun when the robbery angle starts, although it too happens amateurishly. The underlying drama, fun and a couple of dramatic moments hold the attention.

The events from the interval to the climax occur in a night. Some parts look repetitive and stretched in the portion. The chase and how the rich personality goes about the money trail all look silly and chaotic. The whole search of the hotel without looking at the footage immediately is an example. It only adds to the length, and we have a few more sequences similarly.

It is the final half an hour when the mother explains the reason behind their poor condition to the son and his father’s paralysis stroke that there is some dramatic intensity. It is predictable, but the way the whole thing is narrated as a moral story at the end is also good. There is a positive message, but it’s a little too late in the day.

Overall, Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo has a simple but relatable concept related to money and greed. Its devotional background is also acceptable. But it takes too long to take off, and the payoff at the end appears too small to have any impact.

Sri-Nikitha-Shetty-Alipiriki-Allantha-Dooramlo-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
Alankrita Shah appears from the pre-interval mark. She plays a supporting role and is alright. Ravinder Bommakanti is good but feels underutilised and repetitive. The actress playing the mother character and the hero’s friend is good. They easily stand out among the crowd. The rest of the artists are alright and suit the parts.

Music-Director-Phani-KalyanMusic and Other Departments?
The songs by Phani Kalyan don’t register, barring the one towards the end. The background score is comparatively better, without any doubt. The cinematography is terrible, as the film carries a short film look throughout. The editing, too, could be better. There is a patchiness in the movie’s progress. The writing should be better. Barring a few scenes, like the conversation between the hero and mother at the hospital, nothing works.



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