Airaa Review – Boring And Jarring Horror Drama

Airaa Telugu Movie Review

Boring And Jarring Horror Drama


‘U/A’ Certified

Nayanatara Airaa Telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Yamuna (Nayanthara) is haunted by a ghost when she visits a village. Simultaneously we see accidental deaths happening one by one. How are these two unrelated looking incidents connected through a common chord of Bhavani (Nayanthara) is what the film is all about?

How Is Nayanathara’s Performance?
Nayanthara for the first time in her career plays a dual role. While one of the characters is a regular one for her, it is the second where she plays a de-glamorous part that stands out. The characterisation and the acting go hand in hand except for the climax portions where the former goes for a toss.

The acting of Nayanthara is the mainstay of Airaa. Without her, it would be difficult to sit through the movie without any doubt. The engaging moments are due to predictable horror reactions. They are nothing new, but it works out nonetheless. Overall, Airaa is all about Nayanthara, and nothing else matters.

Director KM Sarjun - Airaa Telugu Movie ReviewDirection by Sarjun KM?
Sarjun KM has a template horror story in hand. It is predictable when we look at it overall, but the director manages to infuse some tension into the narrative with thrilling bits centred around the stock sequences of the genre.

The movie opens neatly and starts to get on our nerves with the highly predictable screenplay. It is only towards the halfway mark in the first half leading to the interval that we get some exciting scenes. They are the same we see in many other films of this genre, but Sarjun manages to control and create tension with the right usage of the background score, and cuts. The mysterious deaths further add to the interest.

The all-important second half fizzles at the start itself, again due to the sheer predictability. The whole suspense factor is gone, and we are led into a drama territory as if watching a different movie altogether. Still, towards the pre-climax segment, there is some involvement. The screenplay, for that segment, and performances hold attention.

Unfortunately, Sarjun lets it all go with the climax. It takes a whole new turn. The sympathy created until then for the character of Bhavani is lost. The character behaves like a psycho, and that doesn’t feel right and fit with the role. It feels irksome.

In the end, Airaa is a predictable, boring horror drama with few chilling moments here and there. But, they are few and come far in between. If you are a lover of horror movies, Airaa is disappointing. On the other hand, the drama is unsatisfying. Basically, Airaa offers an uneasy mixture that works only in a few moments but fails as a whole.

Kalaiyarasan -Airaa ReviewKalaiyarasan and Others?
Airaa has limited characters apart from Nayanthara playing dual roles. The only other important character in the movie is that of Kalaiyarasan playing a sincere lover. His sincerity is among the best parts of the narrative considering the character arc. His character gets all the sympathy towards the end compared to Bhavani. Yogi Babu and others are wasted. The former’s comedy doesn’t work.

Music Director Sundaramurthy KS -Airaa Telugu Movie ReviewMusic and Other Departments?
Music by Sundaramurthy KS is neat and perfectly in sync with the narrative. One song in the second half stands out which is used throughout. The background score is effective from the beginning to the end. The cinematography by Sudarshan Srinivasan is alright. The editing could have been better. The writing is okay. Better writing could have elevated the second half.


Inconsistent Narrative
Predictable Drama

Nayanatara Airaa Telugu Movie ReviewAlternative Take
Instead of going for a predictable second eschewing all the thrills, an overhaul in the screenplay with a neatly blended flashback into the narrative would have created a better impact.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes in a few parts

Will You Recommend It?

Airaa Review by Siddartha

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