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It’s not AD2 it is Puli 2.


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 38 mins.

Pawan KalyanWhat is the film about?
The source of Agnyaathavaasi, a foreign language movie was a simple old-fashioned action saga in the corporate backdrop. In the Telugu version, we have a needless love triangle and forced comedy to give it a local touch. Trust us when we say, it sounds better reading it than watching.

How is Pawan Kalyan’s performance?
Pawan Kalyan is his usual self-full of energy. There is nothing else to write home about. The star also has another unique quality where he remains the sole highlight of the enterprise and Agnyaathavaasi is no different. The problem here is the repetitive mannerisms. Even small moments are predictable.

It is like watching a Ram Gopal Varma movie where all we get is tea sipping and intense stares captured at weird angles. Everything is so predictable, and repetitiveness makes it almost look embarrassing. Pawan Kalyan should take stock of his current physical appearance and do parts suitable to his image. Some scenes almost look like the star is spoofing his younger self.

Trivikram SrinivasDirection By Trivikram Srinivas?
The law of averages has finally caught director Trivikram Srinivas. He has been delivering some poor films back to back. It means he hasn’t learned from the past mistakes and it shows.

Plagiarism and inspirations aside, the movie is a mess right from the beginning. There are multiple issues here. Trivikram, the director, has got the best visuals in his career, but at the same time, Trivikram the writer has delivered his worst. Combine these two with a script that is all over the place we have an unmistakable mess.

The whole entertainment angle in the film, which involves a romantic track and comedy in the workspace is a total failure. There is nothing going on in either of them. They add to the length and provide endless boredom. The repetitiveness of Pawan Kalyan in comedy makes matter worse.

In the entire movie, we can hardly find few scenes worth mentioning. The rest is trash compared to the previous films in the combination or those of the director. Entire concentration is put on visuals rather than working on the right content. Only few action scenes and a couple of comedy punches work. The hero and heroine track is the worst. Overall, even the hardcore fans can easily avoid watching the film.

Keerthy SureshKeerthy Suresh and others?
Keerthy Suresh and Anu Emanuel have nothing sort of roles. They do look stylish and glamorous though. Rao Ramesh and Murali Sharma are likable in their parts. Aadi has a terribly written character and an equally disastrous usage in action. Sampath in brief sections in encouraging. Khusboo is alright. Boman Irani is apt. Raghu Babu and Vennela Kishore handle comedy. There are still more characters but not on making a mark level.

Music Director AnirudhMusic and other departments?
Music by Anirudh is good. It is the background score where he fails. It is disappointing, and there is not even single memorable musical piece. The cinematography by Manikandan is extraordinary. Editing is terrible.

Pawan Kalyan

Background score
Love track

Anu Emmanuel AgnyaathavaasiAlternative Take
Watch a movie called Largo Winch.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Agnyaathavaasi Review by Siddhartha


Final Report:

Agnyaathavaasi is a one-man show by Pawan Kalyan. It has a weak villain track and lack of emotional connect. On the flip side, it has high production values. Watch out for our frank review soon.

– Khushbu Sundar has got a powerful role and she did well but one can feel the impact of her role only during the climax.

– Vennela Kishore gets another okayish comedy role, it is neither bad or good.

– Surprisingly there is no Venkatesh guest appearance in the film, but you will see a thank you card in the titles.

– And yes, Agnyaathavaasi is inspired by Largo Winch, not just the main plot, major scenes (like climax pent house fight) also taken from the French film.

– The one-man show by Pawan Kalyan continues with comedy and bit of villainy track in between.

First half report:

The first half of Agnyaathavaasi is Okay with one-man show by Pawan Kalyan. Trivikram writing felt only during the interval bang, a lot depends on the second half. Stay tuned.

– “Gaali Vaaluga” has been shot in excellent locations.

– “Baitikochi Chuste” song has been shot on Pawan and Anu Emmanuel.. Good one on on-screen as well.

– 30 Minutes into the film, It looks like Agnyaathavaasi storyline is inspired from Largo Winch (Of course many changes to the characters). More About that by the time of Intermission.

– After a quick intro fight and “Dhaga Dhagamaney” song, the story rolls into the main plot on AB group.

– Agnyaathavaasi show started with a title card ‘Sincere thanks to Venkatesh’.

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PK Films @US-BO
Title Gross Premier
1. Agnyaathavaasi $850K
2. Katamarayudu $1.16 MN $706k
3. Sardaar Gabbarsingh $1.07 MN $616K
4. Gopala Gopala $849K $281K
5. Attharintiki Dharedi $1.8 MN $309K
6. CGTR $612K $173K
7. Gabbar Singh $1.03 MN $163K
8. Panjaa $192K $92K
9. Komaram Puli $121K $30K
10. Jalsa $184K $140
11. Annavaram $17K $3K
12. Bangaram $11K $3K

There is only one word to describe the craze that surrounds a Trivikram’s movie starring Pawan Kalyan and that word is ‘overwhelming’ craze. When ‘Agnyaathavaasi‘ is coming in their combination, it is going to be a storm at the box-office.

Looking at the way the advance bookings of the film are happening, the trade is expecting a sure tsunami. The domestic market it a clear field for the power star to make the most out of the festival season.

Trivikram being the overseas favourite and the combination, one of the most favoured ones, in the US, ‘Agnyaathavaasi‘ is expected to beat non-Baahubali highest premiere record of Chiranjeevi’s ‘Khaidi No: 150’ which grossed $1.2 million.

The first of its kind of huge release in 470 locations for a regular commercial movie and the premiere-shows to begin from the noon shows itself, one can expect an explosion of sorts as the number of theatres are bigger than ‘Baahubali, The Conclusion’.

No doubt, the number of screens is a proud factor for Pawan Kalyan fans but it is an equally high risk for the buyers as the movie has to open to positive talk and to keep the buyers in the break-even space, the movie has to collect about $4.4 million.

Coming to the music of the film scored by Anirudh Ravichandran, they aren’t sure for the masses. He didn’t bring any wow factor but they are alright as they can go well with the visuals.

The latest copy allegations, the French director’s interest in watching the movie and the controversy before the release will not have any impact on the movie, whatsoever. In fact, the controversy had given some additional publicity.

Is there anything else to tell? it’s rather wise to wait for a few more hours to know the range of the tsunami that ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ is going to take the entire festival season in its own stride. It’s time you wait for our genuine Agnyaathavaasi review. We’ll be back, very soon. Stay tuned.

Agnyaathavaasi US premier collection – $1,505,845 from 504 Locations.