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vijay-adirindi-movie-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Vijay All The Way


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 50 mins

Joseph VijayWhat Is the Film About?
Police arrest Bhargav (Vijay) on charges of murdering a doctor. He decides to confess to the officer in charge of his case. What does he tell and why is he after medical profession in entirety is what the movie is all about?

How Is Vijay’s Performance?
Vijay plays three characters in the film. They all look mostly similar barring the flashback one. The actor employs all his star gimmicks and in good doses to keep things engaging for the fans. Since that is not the case with Telugu audience, it might look like an overdose. Leaving aside those star signatures, there are few scenes in the movie where the performance of Vijay comes to fore, and that would leave a good impression on the viewers. Another important thing is that the entire film runs on his shoulders, a one-man act like this also impresses the masses, in general.

Director Atlee KumarDirection by Atlee?

Atlee made his debut with Raja Rani which was refreshing within the predictable love story clichés. However, his second venture was a very regular and predictable masala entertainer, made keeping the strength of the star in mind. He continues the same in Adirindi.

The movie has nothing novel to offer in the story. It is as predictable as they come. But the screenplay is neatly worked out to make the tiresome routine stuff work. The first half is a prime example of that. It plays to the galleries keeping all the fans in mind and also adds Tamil *coughs* Telugu pride into the mix. The result is a decent cocktail that would be happily gulped by the fans.

The problem occurs in the second half where all we get is a stretched out flashback with everything known beforehand. There is no effort to spice up the proceedings or bring something fresh into the routine mix. It is like everything, and everyone goes through the motions with the star being the only hope to keep the audience engaged. The climax is neatly wrapped up without any lag, luckily. Overall, for the decent fan-pleasing first half and few moments of villain-ism in the second half, Adirindi can be given a chance. It makes the movie a one-time watch at best.

Kajal AggarwalKajal, Samanatha, Nithya and Others?
Kajal and Samantha are the two “big” heroines in the film, but they have nothing substantial to do. They are just for songs and couple of comedy scenes. It is Nithya Menen who has the better role in comparison, but it is also a monotonous part for the talented actress. SJ Suryah has very limited scenes, but he leaves an impression in those small moments itself. Vadivelu is usual. Sathyaraj is decent as the investigative officer. The rest of the actors have minimal parts to make an impact.

AR RahmanMusic and Other Departments?
Music by AR Rahman is alright if we talk about the songs. They have been shot well which makes them better onscreen. However, it is the background score where the musician leaves his mark. It is sensational. The cinematography is vibrant and gives the movie a dynamic look. Editing is neat. Dialogues are okay barring the ones regarding medical system and hospitals, which are good. Forgot one small addition
The controversial dialogues are muted, by the way.


Predictable screenplay
Flashback episode

Samantha Ruth PrabhuAlternative Take
Films like Adirindi made with done to death stories which mean they are already an alternative take of something that exists and has been used multiple times. The new additions are done by the director by copying cool scenes from latest films. Only he should have shortened the flashback portion, a bit.

Did I Enjoy It?
Very few parts

Will You Recommend It?
With huge reservations

Adirindi Review by Siddartha Toleti

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