Adhugo Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Thundering Bore!


‘U/A’ Certified, 1 hrs 50 mins

Abhishek Varma - Adhugo - Movie - ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
There are four gangs headed by Durgaah, Shakthi, Gangaraju, and Shankar. Each one has something that is needed which is connected to Bunty (Pig). What is it they want and how Bunty and a young couple Abhishek (Abhishek Varma) and Raaji (Nabha Natesh)are involved in all this mess is what the film is all about?

How Is Abhishek Varma’s Performance?
Abhishek Varma has a boyish charm, and that’s about the only positive that can be said about him. of course, there is nothing heavy-duty that needs to be performed, so it makes him relatively bearable. Another factor helping the cause is there is so much happening that he doesn’t get registered at all, in the end.

Director Ravi BabuDirection by Ravi Babu?
Ravi Babu has a unique style that can be easily made out just by watching few scenes. The humour bears a stamp that screams Ravi Babu. However, off late, the director has not been able to merge his comic sensibilities neatly into a cohesive plot, and overall mad energy is also missing. Ravi Babu seems to have taken stock of the situation and tried to make up for all the lacking in Adhugo.

There are multiple crazy characters, and the narrative is fast-paced never giving a breathing space. But, at the end of the day, Adhugo is nothing but a crime caper. The only difference here is the animated pig as the centre of attraction.

Most of the first half is dedicated to establishing the characters, there are many, and guiding the audience through the basic plot using a voice over. The humour keeps things afloat if one still has any liking for it, by the way. Once the establishment is over, and we get into the basic plot the realisation sets in that Adhugo is a crime comedy that has been done to death some time back.

The second half consists of comedy of errors that is utterly predictable to the genre. Amidst all these, there is an attempt to have an emotional connection which is again highly unimaginative, but passable nonetheless. It is drowned in all the chaos that surrounds it.

Overall, there is no real surprise or exciting content in Adhugo. It is a standard fare crime comedy done in Ravi Babu’s unique style and humour. There are very few moments of abrasive fun, here and there, but that’s the best the movie has to offer. Unfortunately, even those are lost in the hyper and muddled narrative style adopted by the director.

Nabha Natesh - AdhugoNabha Natesh and Others?
Nabha Natesh is a lovely presence on screen. She is attractive, and one wants to see her do the cute act. Bad luck though, she has nothing of that kind on offer. Rajendra Prasad providing voice over is lovely as usual. Ravi Babu also acts as Six Packs Shakti and is alright, at best. The rest of the actors have unusual character names, and that is all they have to them.

Muic-Director-Prashanth-R-VihariMusic and Other Departments?
The title song feels okay after a few listens, but it’s not part of the actual film. Overall, the music is unremarkable including the background score. The cinematography is bad, and the editing is messy. The writing should have been far better. At least that could have been a saving grace given what is on offer. The visual effects are tacky barring very few shots.

Adhugo - Movie - ReviewHighlights?
Few Comedy Moments With Ravi Babu Mark
Short Length

Uninteresting Narrative

Adhugo - Movie ReviewAlternative Take
Just making the same movie in a non-cacophonic and non-chaotic way with better writing would make it feel like a different film.

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Adhugo Review by Siddartha Toleti