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3 Dimensional Headache

157 Minutes – ‘A’


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What is “Action 3D” about?
Four friends Bava (Allari Naresh), Purush (Raju Sundaram), Ajay (Shyam) and Siva (Vaibhav) go on a trip to Goa as one of them, Ajay is going to wed shortly. On their way, Bava falls instantly for Gita (Neelam) who avoids him. And in Goa many surprises await them. All of them get drunk and three of them wake up the next morning to a heavy hangover to find Ajay missing and tiger appearing. Rest of the story is all about what happened that night and how they reunite with Ajay.

How is Allari Naresh and gang?
As in every movie of his, Allari Naresh delivered his 100% with impeccable comedy. Raju Sundaram managed good amount of laughs with his antics. Vaibhav and Shyaam fit in to their little roles.

Brahmi as Magnet Mama and Ali as ATM Jackson are under utlized. MS Narayana played the role of Bokka Venkat Rao, a continuation to his role in Dookudu. His spoofs of Dookudu, Bommarillu and Gabbar Singh evoked laughter in the theater.

anil sunkara -action-3D- Review
How is Anil Sunkara direction?
Direction is certainly not Sunkara’s cup of tea. He should do what he is best at. The movie is a rip off from Hollywood movie ‘Hangover’ and few scenes are ruthlessly ripped off as well. Keeping aside the copies, a racy screenplay is necessary to keep such movies running which is totally absent here. Any comedy movie should have good dialogues to penetrate in to audience which is again a minus point in this case.

What about the 3D effects?
This is Tollywood’s first 3D movie. And the guts of the makers should be appreciated given that the state is not equipped to support 3D movies. Since it is a comedy movie, there are not many 3D effects but the ones that are present are of superior quality. The bomb blasts in the Rayalaseema hotel staff chase is very effective.

Sneha Ullal-action-3D- Review
What about Neelam, Sneha Ullal and others ?
Neelam is super gorgeous. Sunkara has taken extreme care in displaying her oomph in ding dong and Swathi Muthyapu song. Sneha Ullal is good in the little role. She gets a hot club number too. Sheena and Kamna Jethmalani are wasted in trivial roles.

bappi lahari copy
How is Music, Songs, Dances &other departments?
All the songs in the album are good. Care has been taken in the picturization. ‘Ding Dong Bell’ and ‘Swathy Muthyapu Jallulalo’ have excellent visuals. Back Ground music by Sunny is adequate for a comedy movie. Camera work by Sarvesh Murari is decent and Editing is quite bad.

Posani-action-3D- Review
1. 3D effects
2. Gorilla scene
3. MS Narayana spoofs
4. Neelam’s oomph in ‘Ding Dong Bell’ and ‘Swathy Muthyapu Jallulalo’ songs

Any Drawbacks?
1. Bad screenplay
2. Rip off story
3. Not so good dialogues

This &That
Sudeep cameo wasted.

Neelam Upadhyay-action-3D- Review
What about its box office prospects?
Unless you are dying to see a Telugu movie in 3D, there is nothing which should tempt you to watch this movie.

Did I enjoy it?
Partly yes for the 3D effects.



Reviewed by Siddhartha

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