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Outdated Ride


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 15 mins.

Achari America Yatra Review, Achari America Yatra Movie Review RatingsWhat is the film Achari America Yatra about?
Chari (Manchu vishnu) loves Renuka (Pragya jaiswal). But Renuka is forced to marry Vicky(Thakur Anup Singh) by cruel relatives. How Chari marries Renuka by saving her from evil and in the process fulfils the last wish of Renuka’s grandfather is what the film is all about?

How is Vishnu Manchu’s performance?
Manchu Vishnu plays a role that he has done in the past. It worked then as there was some freshness, here he looks totally jaded. After a point, it feels as if he might have lost interest as well. Still, he is alright in what he does, and there is nothing much to complain in lieu of his past acts.

Achari America Yatra Review, Achari America Yatra Movie Review RatingsDirection By G Nageswara Reddy?
Director G Nageshwara Reddy is becoming repetitive and boring with his style of comedy. The problem is not actually with the style rather than the content that he is picking. They are so old and outdated.

Sometimes, the out-dated films too work when given a fresher twist. The whole US angle and “Chennai Express” ashes plot incorporation seem to be that effort, but the way they have been executed with a total disdain leaves one frustrated like the characters listening to Prudhvi’s grandfather history in the movie.

The comedy works in a very few parts. Leaving aside those bits, the rest of the film is filled with stale and silly scenes that make one squirm in seats with discomfort. The first half is passable despite all the problems, but the second hour turns out to be unbearable. Once the characters get on a train to escape the clutches of villain to reach India, the whole movie is derailed. There is nothing remotely engaging from that point.

In the end, Achari America Yaatra is bloated, nonsensical drivel that leaves an uncontrollable headache.

Achari America Yatra Review, Achari America Yatra Movie Review RatingsPragya Jaiswal and others?
Pragya Jaiswal gets a regular dumb heroine role that looks at the hero to save her from the misery. She is fine, but as it’s a forgettable venture, there is nothing to remember. Brahmanandam gets a full-length comic role after a long time. It is something he has done in the past, but the comedian nonetheless makes few moments work despite all the predictability in store. Kota Srinivas Rao is good. Pradeep Rawat and Thakur Anup Singh overact whereas Prudhvi irritates. Prabhas Sreenu and others are mere fillers.

Sekhar ChandraMusic and other departments?
SS Thaman gives a mixed output here. He has few pleasant background sounds randomly that stand out, but the rest are mediocre and add to the overall noise. The music is unremarkable. The cinematography is terrible, and editing is messy.

Achari America Yatra Review, Achari America Yatra Movie Review RatingsHighlights?
Few Comedy Scenes

Second Half

Kota Srinivasa RaoAlternative Take
There are multiple highly entertaining films on the same formula. Watch any of those.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Achari America Yatra Review by Siddartha Toleti