Irumbu Thirai, Abhimanyudu Movie Review RatingsBOTTOM LINE
Terrific In Parts -Tiresome Overall


‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 41 mins.

Irumbu Thirai, Abhimanyudu Movie Review RatingsWhat is the film about?
Karunakaran (Vishal) is a military officer with an attitude problem. A session with Psychiatrist makes him realise the importance of family. Circumstances lead him to cheat to get a loan approved for sister’s marriage. What happens when the entire loan amount disappears? Who is behind the robbery and how did Karunakaran take action on the culprits?

How is Vishal’s performance?
Vishal is superb in a role that is tailor-made for him. It offers him scope to both flex muscles and emote. There are different characters for him to interact and show various shades of emotion. Vishal has been doing those emotions in multiple films, but the ‘Army’ personality with attitude angle brings out a new dimension.

Irumbu Thirai, Abhimanyudu Movie Review RatingsDirection By P.S. Mithran?
PS Mithran making his debut as a director has come up with a contemporary and engaging subject. The topic of cybercrime has not been dealt on this scale before, and that adds freshness to it.

The film takes time to get into the actual subject after an exciting beginning. The psychologist angle feels forced into the narrative and adds to the length to justify its presence. It is the same feeling one gets with the family thread, while it is necessary, one gets a feeling that it is dragged.

The real deal is the track involving the White Devil, the antagonist of the movie played with a distinctive charm by Arjun. His path and interaction with Vishal are the film’s main strength. The first face to face interaction between them is terrific. The problem is it takes a lot of time for that to happen.

As said above, many subplots add to the length. It makes one tired by the end of the movie. There are a couple of needless songs, one, in particular, could have been avoided entirely. Also, the technical mumbo-jumbo explaining the central plot sometimes goes over the head of the audience. And they keep on coming from time to time. Those who don’t pay attention or are merely like lead protagonist’s father, may not get what is happening at all, for the most part.

The first half is lengthy but well-made nonetheless with a proper setup and face off expectations. The second half starts well, but soon loses momentum due to weariness and recovers when it returns to core plot and conflict. The climax is overstretched. Overall, Abhimanyudu has its heart in right place and a subject that many would relate. It makes the film a decent one-time watch.

Irumbu Thirai, Abhimanyudu Movie Review RatingsSamantha and others?
Samantha plays a psychologist in the movie and is a necessary piece of the overall narrative setup. She plays her part well. Arjun is terrific in the limited scenes he has. There is a style that can’t be missed, and it further elevates the proceedings. Dilli Ganesh as an ageing father is well cast. Robo Shankar is fine as a comic aide of hero. The rest of the cast is suitable for the brief moments they have.

Irumbu Thirai, Abhimanyudu Movie Review RatingsMusic and other departments?
The songs by Yuvan Shankar Raja are weak; the background score is excellent. The cinematography is good. The editing should have been sharper. The writing is neat.

Irumbu Thirai, Abhimanyudu Movie Review RatingsHighlights?
Basic Concept

Muddled Narration From Time To Time

Irumbu Thirai, Abhimanyudu Movie Review RatingsAlternative Take
Focussing one on one, on the cybercrime thriller angle and more cerebral interaction between Vishal and Arjun characters.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, for the most part

Will you recommend it?

Abhimanyudu Review by Siddartha Toleti