Aaviri Review, Aaviri Movie Review RatingsBOTTOM LINE
Routine And Predictable Ghost Story


‘U/A’ Certified, 1 hrs 53 mins

Aaviri Review, Aaviri Movie Review RatingsWhat Is the Film About?
Shreya and Munni are kids of Leena and Raj. After an unfortunate incident, they move out of their house with Munni. Strange things start to happen in the new home before another shocking incident happens. What has happened and how things get back to normal is what the movie is all about?

How Is Ravi Babu’s Performance?
Ravi Babu plays a considerably lengthy role in the movie. It is a straightforward and one dimensional part for most of the duration.

During the second half, his personality leads to some comedy. It is more due to his built rather than act, though. The climax is where there is some effort, and it is alright.

Aaviri Review, Aaviri Movie Review RatingsDirection by Ravi Babu?
Ravi Babu 
returns to Avunu terrain after attempting two different films. Aaviri can actually be called third part in the series, and no one would have blinked an eye.

The story is as simple as it gets. It is all about how gripping and thrilling can one execute the predictable sequences around that premise. Ravi Babu, who is now an experienced hand on the terrain, sets up the whole thing perfectly.

Everything goes well until the girl in question starts to behave oddly. The first few sequences are alright, but it soon gets repetitive. The three escape attempts, for example, only add to the length with nothing exciting being added to the story.

The interval mark is neatly done, and that raises some hope on the second half. It is still at a lower level though as nothing out of the ordinary is happening anyway.

The second half continues the momentum of the first half. The introduction of a new character also helps the cause. There is a proper flow in the proceedings. However, the thrilling sequences are tackily executed. The real tension and anxiety are never felt as a result.

Everything is built towards an explosive climax. However, the sheer predictability and banal execution take away from the real potential of the scenes. Also, many, if not all, can guess the twist. It further takes away the impact.

For Ravi Babu, Aaviri is better than his last two disastrous outings. It might be a minor relief but it lacks any surprise to make it a worthwhile watch. A fresh subject with the same controlled treatment might ring him back, in future.

Overall, Aaviri is a routine ghost drama that has a few well-executed moments. If you are a regular viewer of this genre of movies, there is nothing new on offer. On the other hand, if you are an occasional watcher, Aaviri might be a little more than those few bits. Still, either way, the sheer predictability and pace make Aaviri a restless watch theatrically.

Aaviri Review, Aaviri Movie Review RatingsNeha Chauhan and Others?
There are minimal artists in the movie. The kid and Neha Chauhan as the wife are well cast. Their looks do the job for the most part. It is particularly evident in the second half of the film. The weird expression and ‘sounds’ do the trick.

Bharani Shankar and Mukhtar Khan get decent roles compared to what they usually do. The former especially is better even with lesser duration during the final parts of the second half. Himaja is wasted and Kasi Vishwanath is forgettable.

Music and Other Departments?
There are no songs in the movie as one would expect. The background score by Vaiddhy is adequate. It helps in sustaining the suspenseful mood of the film. The cinematography is neat. There is nothing fancy. But whatever location is used has been captured well. The editing is superb.

Aaviri Review, Aaviri Movie Review RatingsHighlights?
Simple Narrative
Parts Of The Second Half

Routine Story
Predictable Twist
Half of the First Half

Alternative Take
The background setting could have been much better integrated into the narrative. Here in Aaviri, it doesn’t add to anything.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?
Aaviri Review by Siddartha Toleti