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An Emotionally Engaging And Satisfying Biopic


What Is the Film About?

Maha (Suriya) has a dream of running domestic airlines where the rates are cheap and are affordable for poor people. What are the difficulties that he faces in the process and how his journey end relative to his ‘dreams’ is what the movie is all about?


How Is Suriya’s Performance?

Suriya is a terrific performer who is stuck in a commercial game. Here in Aakaasam Nee Haddhu Ra, he gets the right platform to utilise his acting skills as well as balance the stardom. It is a rare character that offers him a combination of both. Needless to say, Suriya nails the part.

Right from the start, we know that Suriya is entirely involved in the narrative. The usual different get-ups are also seen, but once again it is the actor in him that shines rather than looks. Of course, they are subtly done, and not in your face, which is a positive anyways.

Many scenes featuring Suriya in emotional moments stand out. The ones where he has a heated exchange with his father, the anger towards the wife, the frustration at a powerful opponent are all an excellent example. However, it is the emotional boarding sequence that leaves a lasting impact. It is perfect in many ways and one of them is the acting.

Aakaasam Nee Haddhu Ra is a memorable outing for Suriya, one which he will not forget anytime soon. The accolades are likely to continue for a long time and earn him many new fans.


Director Sudha Kongara proved with Guru (Irudhi Suttru in Tamil) that she can handle the raw emotions with ease. But, more than that, it is the entertaining and emotional mixture and the balance that she achieved in it, made the movie get registered big time. She repeats the same feat on a bigger scale with Aakaasam Nee Haddhu Ra (Soorarai Pottru) and confirms that she is not a one-time wonder.

The opening flight landing itself sets the tone for what is the core plot of the movie.  The subsequent sequences in the train (introducing the heroine) and the first conversation between the lead pair, establishes firmly how the narrative is going to take shape. It has a smooth flow, and things don’t turn awkward or out of place despite different characters joining the proceedings.

The entertainment is mixed neatly into the main story without much deviation. Though, one does get a feeling that the main narrative is paused a little during those pauses. But, it is necessary for the emotional arc that is being built.

The main story involving the rags to riches formula is well, formulaic. We know what would be in the store next. The success of the director and the writing team is in engaging the audience despite the predictable fact. Sudha Kongra succeeds in that aspect with ‘flying’ colours. How do we know that – we start rooting for the underdog instantly?


As mentioned earlier, during the performance of Suriya, there is a crucial flashback sequence one where the need for Suriya’s character to be so determined to have an airline is showcased. The entire stretch leading to that sequence is excellently paced and placed. The rooting for the hero is firmly established. It is also an important reason for holding the audience’s attention despite some occasional lapses.

The personal drama, while necessary, seems a bit overdone in the second half. It could have been necessary due to the ‘predictability’ of the formula of the core plot, but it does give one a feeling of slight lag. Also, the never-ending hurdles briefly appear tiring. But, these are minor blemishes, and overall, the underdog emotion and action from Suriya overrides all those little faults.

In the end, Aakaasam Nee Haddhu Ra is a well-made biopic that has solid performances and emotional connection. It could have been massive theatrically. Nevertheless, it is a must watch at least once, for Suriya alone, digitally.



While it is true that Suriya dominates the proceedings, it would also be right to say that the rest of the actors too have been given memorable parts. Take the veteran Mohan Babu, for example. He has only a few scenes, but they are sure to be loved and remembered.

Aparna Balamurali is fantastic as the bubbly yet self-reliant small-town women. She definitely feels like an extension of the female lead in Guru. Nothing wrong with the director doing so, it works well. Paresh Rawal as the rich airline’s owner is superb. The senior actor creates a larger than life enemy without any overacting or antics. The ruthlessness is portrayed with extreme calmness.

The supporting cast comprising of Kaali, Urvashi, Achyuth Kumar, ‘Poo’ Ram, Vivek Prasanna and others are fantastic. They belong to different worlds in the narrative and all chip in enhancing the overall impact, with their measured acts.


Music and Other Departments?

The music by GV Prakash is alright. However, the background score is terrific. It helps in elevating the impact of many scenes. The cinematography is fine. The raw tone is maintained well but in a commercialised way. The editing is fine, in general, but some parts might be a bit confusing to the casual viewer due to the way they are cut. The writing is brilliant and is prominent in creating the impact along with the acting.

Satyadev’s Dubbing:

The Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya actor Satyadev has dubbed for Suriya. If one is ‘aware’ of him and his voice, it is a bit problematic to get used to initially. Once that is out of mind, it is a smooth ride mostly. There are parts which if one starts thinking of Satyadev might not be as impressive as they should be, otherwise. It comes under the case of ‘distraction’.

Highlights? Soorarai-Pottru-Movie-Review-Cas-t-3



Emotional Connection




Drags In Parts

Songs Slow Down The Pace

Repetitiveness, At Times

Editing, At few Places

Did I Enjoy It?


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Aakasam Nee Haddu Raa Review by Siddartha