Not worth even for five people

“U/A” certified 147 mins.

Oh-No Rating

What is “Aa Aiduguru” about?
Aa Aiduguru is a story with revolutionary thought. Newly elected Chief Minister Raghuram wants to bring a new system into society by changing youth through NGF (New Generation Force). How are people recruited into it and how they eventually help the system is what the film is about.


How is Venkat’s performance?
Venkat who was seen many years ago makes his comeback as an artist with this film. He is given a one dimensional role which the actor does it with full glee. There is no real scope for him to perform.

Direction by Anil?
Anil Guduri making his debut with the film seems to have completely lost the plot in translating what’s on paper to screen. Because on paper the story idea surely does seem exciting and one that had the potential. But the way its on screen it would be really difficult to describe the sheer banality on display. Nothing works for the film and worse it comes across amateurish and juvenile. Some of the jokes and scenes are absolutely b-grade.

Asmitha Sood and other Artists Performance?
Ashmitha Sood comes late in the first first half only to add to the vulgarity of the film. There are a bunch of newcomers but none manage to make a mark despite everyone having elaborate flashbacks of their own. If one has to pick one among them it would be Krishna Chand who at least shows some spark. There are also known actors like Nagineedu, Posani Krishna Murali etc who do their routine act as if sleepwalking through the film without any emotion at all.

How is Anand Music and other departments ?
Music for the film given by Mantra Anand is absolutely forgettable. Background score doesn’t help the matter either. Loud background score is the right background score seems to be the brief given to them. Cinematography for a low budget film is decent at points. Editing is jerky. Production values are poor.

Basic concept.

The execution.

What about the box office performance of the film?
This will be another one of those films that no one would remember ever being released at all if not for the reviews.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Oh-No Rating

Reviewed by Siddhartha