A AA-movie-ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Samantha show by Trivikram


‘U’ Certified, 154 mins.

A AA-movie-ReviewWhat is the film about?
How a confused and good for nothing spoilt rich kid Anasuya (Samantha) brings an estranged family together when she develops relationship with Anand (Nithiin).

How is Nithin’s performance?
Nithiin is remarkably composed and cool in the film. He plays the character as per the requirement blending among various other characters. He doesn’t standout with his heroic acts. Performance wise it is undoubtedly his career best. He showcases all the emotions neatly to the best of his ability.

A AA-movie-ReviewDirection By Trivikram?
This is something that might have been mentioned previously few times. Trivikram Srinivas has been improving as a director with each passing film. While that is good to hear, the sad part is his writing getting weaker on the same path. With A Aa it feels like a pause. The direction remains the same but the writing has little touches of the old classic writer that we know off.

First half of the film is sprinkled with this vintage stuff but only in very small doses. It makes the first half look way better in comparison to the second half. The scenes although clearly look staged still manage to create the punch.

Second half suffers with the same problem that most of the director’s recent films have been struggling with, the writing. It feels so contrived when characters mouth certain lines and whereas few sequences give is a feeling that we are watching an entirely different film from what we saw in the first half. Overall still the film is watchable for the lively characters and few scenes reminding the vintage writer. The last five minutes especially are a hoot.

A AA-movie-ReviewSamantha and others?
This is like once in a lifetime kind of character for Samantha. She is the heart and soul of the film. She could have easily gone the over action way but that is not the case here thankfully. It’s a mix of all type of emotions and she brings out the character really well. Anupama Parameshwaran has a small role but she still leaves an impression. Apart from main leads, the supporting cast is also equally good. The important thing here is everyone gets a moment to shine and leave mark.

From Nadhiya and Naresh, Rao Ramesh and Ajay, Eshwari Rao and Praveen, Ananya, Srinivas Reddy everyone has their moment. The seasoned artists Nadhiya, Rao Ramesh and Naresh get the best lines though. This ensemble cast is a big asset for the film.

A AA-movie-ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music and background score given by Mickey J Mayer are really good and in fact are huge value addition to the film. Cinematography is superb. Editing should have been better. Choreography of songs is very good.

A AA-movie-ReviewHighlights?
Clean family entertainer
Music and video songs
Last five minutes

Wafer thin storyline
Drags in second half

A AA-movie-ReviewAlternative Take
The film could have simply run exploring the mother and daughter equation in depth and giving a neat and conclusive end with problem of having such a daughter.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
Yes but have expectations in control

A Aa Review by Siddhartha