90 ML Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Artificialness Unlimited


‘A’ Certified, 2 hrs 39 mins

90 ML Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Devadasu (Karthikeya) is a born with a unique condition which is hazardous to life. The only cure is drinking 90 ML, a day. He falls in love with a girl Suvasana, whose entire family is anti-alcoholic. How they are convinced of his love is what the movie is all about?

How Is Karthikeya’s Performance?
Karthikeya is slowly but surely developing the right screen presence. It makes up for his lack of versatility as an actor. But, for a wannabe commercial star, the ‘presence’ does most of the heavy-duty work. The sincerity and intensity take care of the rest.

Despite telling all that, an actor still has to pick the right subject. There is no excuse for taking up shoddy content and shining in it, especially if you are a newcomer. After the debut with RX100, all the choices have been disappointing from Karthikeya. Yes, they have parts that appeal, but overall the impact is missing. It brings a poor refection on acting.

90 ML Movie ReviewDirection by Sekhar Reddy Yerra?
Sekhar Reddy Yerra has picked a wafer-thin storyline. He makes the classic debutant mistakes with its execution, regarding the screenplay and falters big time.

The predictable story of 90 ML is filled with multiple characters to take the narrative forward. Each one of those takes up a decent chunk of runtime for their silly gags. Yes, a few of those work, but in the larger scheme of things they don’t matter. They don’t add anything significant to the core emotion either.

The love story hits an expected roadblock which we can see miles away. In fact, the makers have themselves revealed it in the trailer of the film. What is left from it is the resolution and that comes during the end? In short, you wouldn’t miss anything if you see the trailer and straight away watch the ending. The entire film is a waste of a time barring the few laughs that we mentioned previously.

The commercial placements of the songs and fights are the most contrived ones witnessed in recent past movies. The situations are anything but organic. They are set forcefully to get the desired effect. The songs placements are even worse. At least three could be chopped off.

Overall, neither the first half nor the second have anything going for it story-wise. The emotions are artificial and lack the depth to connect. 90 ML is, therefore, a forgettable fare in any which way seen.

90 ML Movie ReviewNeha Solanki and Others?
Neha Solanki plays the female lead that is typically seen in Telugu cinema. She is a socially responsible girl who hates being lied to. There are also a couple of emotional scenes that are done most passively. The lip-syncing is weak, mostly.

Rao Ramesh plays the usual supporting role with a few scenes involving anger and frustration. He has become a pro in these parts and does it without batting an eyelid. Ravi Kishan is a disaster as his clothes. It looks as if the director has taken “Dressed to Kill” seriously and designed the character.

The rest of the roles essayed by Sathya Prakash, Pragati, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Raghu, and Praveen etc. have nothing impactful. They do provide a few silly fun moments, but that’s it.

90 ML Movie ReviewMusic and Other Departments?
Anup Rubens is making a comeback after a small gap. The songs are in his typical style. They are one too many for the narrative. Barring the misogynistic number, post-intermission, the rest feel unnecessary. The cinematography is decent. The editing is worse. The movie is far too long than necessary. The writing is hilarious in parts, and it includes sequences that aren’t intended to be so.

90 ML Movie ReviewHighlights?
Few Silly Comedy Scenes
Karthikeya Screen Presence

Songs Placement
Weak Story
Second Half

90 ML Movie ReviewAlternative Take
The template of the hero suffering from a unique condition or problem is seen in many films post-Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi. Any one of those can be seen as an alternative including the disastrous ones like Raju Gadu.

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90 ML Review by Siddartha Toleti