suriya-24-movie-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Watch it for Athreya.


‘U’ Certified – 164 mins.

24 movie reviewWhat is the film about?
Mani (Suriya) is a watch mechanic who stumbles upon a time travelling watch. Athreya (Suriya) is a deranged soul who wants to go back in time to regain his life again. How Athreya and Mani come face to face? Can past be re-written? This is what the film is about.

How is Suriya’s performance?
Suriya plays triple roles Shivakumar, Athreya and Mani in the film. He is his routine self as Mani and shows some variation as Shivakumar but it is in the character of Athreya that he stands out. He hits it out of the park with his terrific performance in the character. Athreya will surely be a memorable role in career.

24-movie-review-vikram kumar
Direction By Vikram Kumar?
Vikram Kumar last made the highly acclaimed Manam and before that he made the lovable Ishq. Then there was 13b few years before them. Based on all these films it is clearly established that he has a good sense of screenplay and with the right story he can create wonders. With 24, he attempts that but unfortunately the result isn’t as satisfying as one would have hoped based on those previous films.

It is the regular, non concept portions, which involves love track, mother and son sentiment and family sentiment, where he fails to engage. These portions add to length without adding anything significantly to the core plot and also feel very repetitive. If we look at the first half in totality we see and feel this clearly. The film interests only when Athreya is around, the beginning, the middle and the interval block.

It is the same with second half of the film. Despite not so lengthy run time it feels lengthy and it only interests whenever Athreya is shown. The twists and turns when he is around are fine and keeps one hooked. Basically everything except that villain track fails to catch imagination except the first few scenes after the discovery of the time travelling abilities of watch.

24 movie review Samantha, Nithya Menen and others?
Samantha as usual gives her best when it comes to the romance segment. She has nothing much to do otherwise and is not integral to the actual story. Nithya Menen is wasted. Apart from Suriya it is Ajay as Mithra who gets a noticeable role and he leaves his mark. Saranya playing the mother to Suriya is good. The rest fail to leave any impression as none of the characters have any real importance to the overall proceedings or have scenes that create an impact.

24 movie reviewMusic and other departments?
Music by AR Rahman is a disappointment bar for one song. The background score too is alright, there is a nothing memorable here. Cinematography is good, editing is fine. Dialogues are passable.

24 movie reviewHighlights?
Basic concept
Grand scale movie making
Pre Climax twist

Weak story
Everything except Athreya track

24-movie-reviewAlternative Take
Cutting down on the romance and using the time travelling concept developing strong confrontation between Mani and Athreya characters.

Did I enjoy it?
Entire Athreya character portions

Will you recommend it?
Only if you want to watch something different on screen

24 movie Review by Siddhartha