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‘A’ Certified, 2h 20m

Adith ArunWhat Is the Film About?
Anand (Adith Arun) love a girl immensely and has the same affection for children, but he does not want to either marry or have kids of own. Why did he take such a decision and what happens, in the end, is what the film is all about?

How Is Adith Arun’s Performance?
Adith Arun looks the part, but he lacks the presence and charisma to pull of the role which depends a lot on merely talking. It is the reason why it is simple, but tricky part and Adith fails. The few emotional scenes are also flatly done. The lack of clarity from the director for the role or the way its structured makes it even difficult to watch.

Director Ayodhyakumar KrishnamsettyDirection by Ayodhyakumar Krishnamsetty?
Ayodhyakumar Krishnamsetty has so far done offbeat and arty looking work. His last film Minugurulu had its heart in the right place and made sincerely. It, however, did not reach the audience and most, if not all, have forgotten about it. Watching 24 Kisses makes one wonder if it was made only to remind people of the forgotten film.

A large percentage of the film is dedicated to reminding people of the past effort. Well, there is a small catch here as very few people remember existing of the old movie. Since we have seen, it is something that couldn’t be shaken off and gives a different perspective to the narrative. The alternative here would be a film within the film narrative where the filmmaker in the movie is frustrated at the happening around him. It is a Meta work in that way.

But that problem is one can’t be making a movie out of frustration. The commercial setting, the kisses and love track, seems to be a mere add-on to the ire of the director. It gives a pretentious vibe. There is again references to the inspiration for the portions like mentioning Swayamvaram which is the love track between the lead. It is upgraded to the current times. Same things get repeated in a loop. It has its moments in conjecture with the psychiatrist but there too the interest is lost progressively. Given the climax of the movie, a proper build-up would have made the whole exercise decent. Sadly, that doesn’t happen.

Overall, 24 Kisses neither gets the commercial aspects right in a fresh manner nor can say its message convincingly. It is a botched up attempt that only reflects the frustration of the maker more than anything else.

Hebah Patel - 24 kissesHebah Patel and Others?
Hebah Patel is seen after a gap. The character is right in her zone, and she does her part appropriately. Aditi Myakal is wasted. Apart from them, there are only two roles that are worth mentioning, and they feature seasoned actors like Naresh and Rao Ramesh. The latter gets more screen time and better dialogues and is easily the most likeable character in the movie. Naresh is fine in a regular father role.

Music Director - Joi BaruaMusic and Other Departments?
Joi Baruva has done a neat job with the music as it is an integral part of the narrative. The background score is also alright. The cinematography is good in parts. The editing is weak and never helps the narrative gain momentum with its abruptness. The writing should have been better.

Few Scenes Involving Rao Ramesh

Lack Of Clarity
Confused Narrative
Too Many Songs

nareshAlternative Take
Two plots are running in 24 Kisses simultaneously. A better alternative, therefore, would be to make one the main track and the other a subplot. The love track has nothing new offer story wise which means the director aspect should be the main one.

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