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2 Countries Review – Too Boring

2 Countries Telugu Review, 2 Countries Telugu Movie Review, Ratings

Too Boring


U Certified,
2 hrs 39 mins.

2 Countries Telugu Review, 2 Countries Telugu Movie Review, RatingsWhat is the film 2 Countries about?
Ullas (Sunil) is a greedy guy who values money over emotions and relations. He decides to marry a girl despite her handicap but marries another girl Laya because she has more money. How Ullas (Sunil), finally knows the value of emotions is what the movie is all about.

How is Sunil’s performance?
Sunil is in his usual form as Ullas. There is a bit of jadedness in parts but is manageable as the actor makes it work. There is the regular block involving emotions, and Sunil is alright in it. There is no change in the actor’s performance. Those who like it won’t mind, others would find it repetitive.

2 Countries Telugu Review, 2 Countries Telugu Movie Review, RatingsDirection By N Shankar?
Director N Shankar had a promising beginning to his career as a director. However, during the last decade, he completely lost his mojo and has never been able to provide the ‘big’ entertainer nor the strong social movies, something which he did earlier. In 2 Countries, he is aiming for a big commercial comeback, but he has utterly failed.

2 Countries offer nothing new regarding the story, but it has a screenplay that could make the routine work. Unfortunately, the director messes in execution big time. Right from the beginning, the narrative is clumsy and feels all over the place. There is a scope for neat emotional build up, but the director fails utterly in getting the right timing and flow. The movie kills the patience till we get to the intermission point. The interval is alright.

The second half once again starts on the dull and disinterest execution of the first half. The only interest that is generated in the movie is towards the climax. The song and background score does the trick here. Apart from that, there is nothing else in the film. On the whole, 2 Countries is easily skippable. The bad form of Sunil continues.

2 Countries Telugu Review, 2 Countries Telugu Movie Review, RatingsManisha Raj and others?
Manisha Raj gets a challenging role, and she is alright in it. The character could have quickly earned her a performer tag, but she flounders that chance. Prudhvi is almost like a supporting role, and he delivers. Naresh overacts but makes up at critical moments. Sayaji Shinde is his usual self. Srinivas Reddy feels loud and overacting, for once. The rest of the cast is filled with known faces, but none make in impact to stand out.

2 Countries Telugu Review, 2 Countries Telugu Movie Review, RatingsMusic and other departments?
The music and background score by Gopi Sunder is perfect. The songs maybe little dull but the background score is excellent towards the end. The cinematography is alright in patches. The editing gives a messy feeling. There is too much usage of ‘prasa’ which gets irritating very soon.

2 Countries Telugu Review, 2 Countries Telugu Movie Review, RatingsHighlights?
Few comedy scenes
Background score

Routine story
First half

Balireddy Prudhviraj
Alternative Take
A movie like 2 Countries requires perfect casting and equally strong writing. An alternative take would be to rewrite the entire film.

Did I enjoy it?
Only a few sequences

Will you recommend it?

2 Countries Review by Siddartha Toleti

2 Countries US premier gross $3,926 [ Sunil’s previous best premier was Krishnashtami ($7 K) and life run highest film is still Maryada Ramanna grossed $245 K ]

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