Will Not Go After Rajamouli, Will Make Rajamoulis!Srujan Yerabolu is a software engineer who is passionate about films. While working, he has turned into a distributor and distributed notable films like Kanche, Gautamputra Satakarni, Mahanati, Arjun Reddy, Awe! etc in the US. After turning producer, he has produced a couple of flop films and after that, he started his own banner, S Originals.

He has produced films like Gatham, Thimmarusu, and Adbhutham. Gatham and Adbhutham released directly on OTT while he claims Thimmarusu that released in theaters minted him good profits. “I currently have eight films in the pipeline as a solo producer and in collaboration. The immediate-release will be Panchatantram,” Srujan says.

“I am passionate about films since childhood. I get to watch films in theaters even before their release in India and thus I developed ‘judgment’ capability. That is helping me big time as a producer. I do not go after stars but focus on creating unique stories,” he says.

“There are no stars in my films. There are only characters. I am only after unique concepts and see if I can add some commercial aspects if possible. I do not go after Rajamouli. I am looking forward to making directors like Rajamouli. I am looking to make five films per year – be it for OTT or theaters,” he confidently says.