Perfect Runtime For Varudu Kaavalenu, RomanticVarudu Kaavalenu and Romantic are locking horns at the box office on the same day. The two are ready for theatrical release on October 29.

Meanwhile, Varudu Kaavalenu and Romantic have locked a perfect runtime. A crisp runtime is a fad now and the two films have gone for a crisper rune time. Varudu Kaavalenu runtime is 2 hours 13 minutes, while Romantic runtime is 2 hours 12 minutes.

The trailers of both films have a good buzz and both are full throttle when it comes to promotions. Allu Arjun is called upon as the chief guest for Naga Shaurya starrer while Romantic will be holding its celebrity premiere tonight.

Interestingly, as the target audience for both the films are unique, it is expected that both may get good openings. Akash Puri’s Romantic is sure to have more footfalls of youth, while the family audience will float in for Varudu Kaavalenu. The film holds crucial for the respective heroes to be back in form. So it is to be seen which movie will have its upper hand.