Super Star Krishna releases First Look of 'Jai VittalacharyaIs it not an exaggeration to say that every Telugu movie-goer for over several generations has enjoyed movies made by “Janapada Brahma” Vithalacharya! Not only the earlier generations but also the present Telugu audience is watching and enjoying his films. Vithalacharya’s films have not lost popularity even after several generations. It is needless to say that Vithalacharya is a trendsetter in making folklore movies. Even today, many filmmakers are being inspired by Vithalacharya’s filmmaking style. The book ‘Jai Vithalacharya’ written by journalist and writer Pulagam Chinnarayana, who is spelling out the history of Telugu cinema, brings to the light of the day, renowned filmmaker Vithalacharya’s comprehensive cinematic journey, with a collection of events behind his films.

The first look of the ‘Jai Vithalacharya’ book was released by superstar Krishna. The event was attended by senior journalist Vinayaka Rao.

After the release of the ‘Jai Vithalacharya’ book first look, superstar Krishna said, “I did only one film under Vithalacharya’s direction. It was ‘Iddaru Monagallu’. That movie became a hit. I did a lot of action movies, but very few folk-themed movies. I signed Vithalacharya’s movie 40 days after the release of my film ‘Gudhachari 116’.
‘Iddaru Monagallu’ movie was my first multi-starrer. Vithalacharya is a great director. Also, he is known as a successful producer. He made many hit films. He used to make films with jet speed and most importantly, on budget. He used to have the same set for any movie. He used to come to Vauhini Studios whenever he was free. Most of my shootings took place there. Vithalacharya, B N Reddy, Chakrapani used to visit our sets and spend some time with us. I am happy to release the first look of a book on Vithalacharya garu.”

Author of the book, Jai Vithalacharya, Pulagam Chinnarayana said, “Jai Vithalacharya is a book written with comprehensive information about the journey of Janapada Brahma Vithalacharya. Vithalacharya is not only a great director but also a great producer. We started working on this book on the occasion of Vithalacharya’s centenary celebrations which happened during the Covid-19 lockdown. We completed this book as fast as Vithalacharya made the film.”

‘Movie Volume’ Chairman & Movie Journalist Shaikh Zilan Basha while speaking on the occasion said, “I have been a film journalist for thirteen years. I run a website and a YouTube channel called Movie Volume. I have now entered the publishing industry. I am publishing the book ‘Jai Vithalacharya’ written by Pulagam Chinnarayan. It’s a pleasure to release a book on great filmmaker Vithalacharya. Usually, first look release events are done only for movies. It is the first time, the first look of a book has been released. Author Pulagam Chinnarayana has received the Nandi Awards three times for his earlier works. I hope he will receive the award once again with this book.”
‘Jandhya Marutham’, ‘Anati Anavallu’, ‘Cine Purnodayam’, ‘Swarnayugapu Sangeetha Darshakulu’, ‘Pasidi Tera’, ‘Cinema Venuka Storielu’, ‘Mayabazar Mathura Smritulu’, ‘Vendi Chandamamalu’… are the books written by Pulagam Chinnarayana. ‘Jai Vithalacharya’ is his ninth book. ‘Movie Volume’ Chairman Shaikh Zilan Basha is publishing this book. The book will be available to readers from next month onwards.