Sithara-entertainments-released-a-video-on-the-occasion-of-siddu-jonnalagadda's-birthdaySithara entertainments producing narudi brathuku natana movie with siddu jonnalagadda as hero and neha shetty as heroine.

Narudi brathuku natana movie shooting is happening in and around Hyderabad .

Tollywood’s well known movie production house sithara entertainments producing a movie with young hero siddu jonnalagadda as hero and neha shetty as heroine . Movie is titled NARUDI BRATHUKU NATANA. Producer surya devara naga vamsi introducing young talent vimal krishna who worked in writing department and direction department for KRISHNA AND HIS LEELA is being introduced as director with this movie.

Sithara entertainments released a video which consists of interesting dialogues. Analysing the video teaser one can understands this movie is going to be intersting and with fresh feel.

This video involves a conversation between the hero siddu and a barber

Hey sathi, need a shoulder massage
I should be prepared from the my song launch.

Looks like you have been working out alot with your shoulders Anna

Nothing too much. I am on my keto diet.

What is it anna??

Keto diet, no rice no potato, only protein and fat no carbo hydrate

Do you take fat in your diet anna ??

Yess, fat is what cuts the fat inside

Dont make me a fool anna

Do you know how diamond are broken ??


With diamond

Really ?!!


Where is all protein that i have been eating tillu ????

Humorous conversation will make the audience wait for the film to get featured on big screen.

Pdv presents Producer Suryadevara naga vamsi film is on sets.
Nbn director vimal krishna has told that its a new age romantic love story.

Movie also cast Prince, Brahmaji, Narra Srinivas.

Written by: Vimal Krishna, Siddu jonlagadda
Dialogues: Siddu Jonlagadda
Music: sricharan pakala
Photography: Sai Prakash Ummadi
Executive Producer: Dheeraj Mogilineni
Production Designer: Ravi Antony.
P.R.O: Lakshmi Venugopal
Presents: P.D.V Prasad
Producer: Surya Devara Nagavamshi
Director: Vimal Krishna

Sakkaga Keto Diet chesi osthunduu… Make Way for our DJ Tillu aka @siddu_buoy 🔥🎧



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