Pooja Hegde Dear Megha Megha Akash, Adit Arun and Arjun Somayaju starrer ‘Dear Megha’. The film is being produced by Arjun Dasyan under the banner of ‘Vedansh Creative Works’ and directed by young filmmaker Sushant Reddy. Star heroine Pooja Hegde has released the lyrical song ‘Amani Unte Pakkana ..’ from the film. Pooja Hegde, who launched the lyrical song ‘Amani Unte Pakkana ..’ at 10.18 am on Friday, said best wishes to the film unit.

The love song ‘Amani Unte Pakkana” shot on Adit Arun and Megha Akash is quite lovely. Lyrics are apt while locations are beautiful.

Anurag Kulkarni sang this song written by Krishnakanth in Hari Gaura Beautiful Music Composition. ‘Dear Megha’ is all set to release in theaters in August.

Music – Gaura Hari,
Cinematographer – I.Andrew,
Editor – Praveen Pudi,
Art Director – KV Ramana,
PRO – GSK Media.
Producer: Arjun Dasyan
Written and directed by: Sushanth Reddy