KTR Telangana Kitex GroupTelangana IT minister K Taraka Rama Rao, popular as KTR has been focusing extensively on bringing investments to the state. He is personally interacting with business tycoons and potential investors in a bid to persuade them to invest in Telangana. Here’s one such instance that proves the same.

KTR’s persistence in bringing garment manufacturer, Kitex group to Telangana has yielded rich dividends.

Kitex group MD Sabu Jacob has announced that the company will be investing Rs 2400 crores in Telangana and set up integrated fibre to apparel manufacturing clusters in Warangal and Sitarampur.

The investment will create direct employment for 22,000 people and also provide indirect employment to around 18,000 people in the regions.

“I am here today because of one person and i.e, minister KTR. He is the first person to invite and meet with me after we withdrew from investing in Kerala. We initially planned to invest Rs 1000 crores and now, we have decided to invest Rs 2400 crores as the government is providing several incentives,” Sabu Jacob said.

As revealed by KTR himself, Jacob didn’t even respond to his text first. “Jacob didn’t even react to my text first. But later I got in touch with him and invited him to come down to Hyderabad. I even offered to send him a special flight and he was taken aback.”

From not getting a response to his text message to persuading the same person to invest Rs 2400 crores in Telangana, this goes down as one of the big achievements of KTR.