ysr-ys-jagan-rare-photoCentral government had rejected the state government’s plea to consider Pattiseema project as the part of Polavaram and fund it. The center had informed the state officials that they are no way related to the project and Pattiseema is not in the DPR of Polavaram which is a national project now.

And so the expense of the Pattiseema project will now be borne totally by the state government which means center refuses to take part in the Godavari-Krishna interlinking. The center intelligently is trying to evade to return the money spent on Polavaram project by the previous government.

The then YSR government have given mobilization advances to the concessionaires. They have pocketed the money with out doing much work. The center clarified the state government that they will pay for the previous works only if the necessary proofs of work and bills are submitted.