YSRCP's Smear Campaign Against Naidu's Family LadiesThe rift in the YS family is wide open. We have seen how Late Vivekananda Reddy’s daughter, Sunitha fought against her brother’s government and party men.

And then, there are Sharmila and Vijayamma who moved away from Jagan. It is no intelligent guess to say there are rifts in the family.

YSR Congress which is in defense of this issue is trying to rub the same mud on Chandrababu Naidu‘s family and the ladies not related to politics.

In a Sakshi TV debate, Former Minister Perni Nani went on to say that there are rifts between Chandrababu’s wife Bhuvaneshwari and Lokesh’s wife Brahmani.

“Naidu and his wife had to move to their farmhouse during the Corona. The biggies of the caste and the film industry had to intervene and patch them up,” Nani said.

Taking hint of that, there is a vicious campaign by YSR Congress social media wings.

Some of the conspiracy theories are invoking both the ladies are vulgar as well.

It is disgusting to drag family ladies who are not involved in politics to hide their own issues that are so obvious.

“Bhuvaneshwari and Brahmani together take care of Heritage business. Anyone who knows about them will know it is nothing but baseless,” a source told us.

YSR Congress already brought itself so much of a bad name for badmouthing Chandrababu Naidu’s wife in the assembly. Even then, they did not learn a lesson.

So far, TDP did not respond to this smear campaign and their negligence may only backfire.