Vijaya-Gadde-Chandrababu-NaiduElon Musk took over Twitter and fired some top executives of the company. Those fired include Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s content policy chief.

Earlier when Chandrababu Naidu was the Chief Minister, Vijaya Gadde was also present in a meeting with Twitter management. It was a routine meeting of Twitter executives meeting the head of a Government.

We do not know the truth, the surname Gadde may belong to Kammas.

Now YSR Congress social media is using the photo and Vijaya’s surname to bash Kammas.

They say Vijaya Gadde is a TDP mole in Twitter and Kammas destroying a multinational company like Twitter blah blah.

Some even go to the extent of calling Vijaya Gadde Chandrababu’s mole on Twitter.

Strange are these conspiracy theories. Sometimes they sound silly and sometimes they pain so much about how caste and political conspiracy theories are polluting the minds of the young.