"YSRCP’s Fresh Ideas Only for My Films?"JanaSena chief Pawan Kalyan is coming out all guns blazing against the Jagan-led YCP government. After all the high drama in Vizag yesterday, Pawan called for a press meet today and he took potshots at the AP government.

“This Jagan remembers all the rules at once only when it has something to do with me. When my film is releasing, he wants to make entertainment feasible for the poor and reduces the ticket prices solely for my films. Once my films go away, the ticket prices will go back to normal” Pawan said.

Adding further, Pawan said “When my birthday is around the corner, the chief minister gets all environment conscious and imposes plastic ban and asks not to erect banners. When I call for a meeting, he gets aware of all the law and order issues at once. Jagan remembers all the rules only when it has something to do with me.”

Pawan stated that it is humiliating that the YCP government which is in power now is doing Garjanas(hinting at Vizag Garjana) and protests. “Then what is the use of them being in power if they’re still protesting and not implementing. JanaSena will never stoop to such lows.”