AP_BJP_Somu_VeerrajuKanna Lakshminarayana’s exit from BJP opened the pandora box. Kanna is a senior politician and also worked as the party president. He left the party making severe allegations against current president Somu Veerraju.

This has triggered a revolt in the party and there are demands to change the President. A faction disgruntled with Somu has even gone to Delhi to complain to the high command.

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These developments have alarmed the ruling YSR Congress party.

In the garb of becoming a new alternative, Somu Veerraju always helped YSR Congress in the state. The focus is only to decimate TDP while he misguided the party’s high command that BJP will automatically occupy TDP’s place once it is done.

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Somu Veerraju was fighting the opposition sparing those in power.

Pawan Kalyan himself is dissatisfied with the way how BJP is sparing Jagan Government.

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With elections just fourteen months away, a change in BJP President can be risky for YSR Congress.

YSR Congress and its media started supporting Somu Veerraju trying to portray the anti-Somu faction in the party as Pro-TDP. We can even see Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy and Kodali Nani making such comments.

They seem to be keen on having Somu at the helm at least until the elections.