Lokesh_Padayatra_PermissionYSRCP is doing all it can to disturb or preferably even stop Nara Lokesh’s Pada Yatra. They’ve already filed a Supreme Court plea in connection with their GO banning road shows, in a bid to obstruct Lokesh’s Yatra citing the same.

Now, YCP has started a new social propaganda through the pages related to their local leadership.

In a viral social media post from a YCP leader in Kuppam, Kodanda Reddy spat venom on Lokesh’s Yuvagalam Yatra.

The post read “Lokesh doesn’t have the right to do Yatra from Kuppam. He did nothing when he was the minister and his father Chandrababu too did nothing for Kuppam in his 3 tenures as AP CM. The common public should revolt against them and do whatever is needed to obstruct Lokesh’s Yatra.”

It is also being reportedly spread in YCP groups that there might also be the need for violence in order to obstruct the Yatra.

This fake propaganda from the YCP to Lokesh is a clear indication that they’re really scared of the same and this is already the first victory for Lokesh and TDP, opine TDP troops.