Gudivada-Amarnath-YSR-Congress-Party-Vishaka-GharjanaYSR Congress is trying to stoke the sentiments of Uttarandhra in the name of Three Capitals. A non-political JAC was formed by YSR Congress and a Vishaka Gharjana was organized today.

But then, the Gharjana has also become political with YSR Congress Ministers and leaders taking the stage and used it to bash the Opposition and even Amaravati Farmers.

The Ruling Party and entire machinery worked day and night to ensure huge crowd to the Gharajana.

Dwacra women and beneficiaries of various welfare schemes were forcefully brought. They were warned that their government benefits will be lost if they do not come. Volunteers went door to door to force people to attend the Gharjana

Schools and colleges were given Unofficial holiday but students were asked to mark their attendance at the Gharjana. They were threatened of dire consequences like losing internal marks, attendance, etc.

Government officials were also mandated to attend the meeting.

“The entire Gharjana is an indication how it is purely political. YSR Congress has zero commitment to the cause. It is a desperate attempt to cover up the dubious land deals of Vijaysai Reddy and MP MVV Satyanarayana in Vizag,” the Opposition criticizes.

While YSR Congress leaders claim it as a huge success, normal Vizag people have suffered due to traffic snarls through out the day.