YSRCP Tarnishing the Image of TTD for Petty Political GainsThe recent seizure of gold bars, weighing 1,381 kg, while being transported from Chennai to Tirupati, to be handed over to the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) has created a lot of furor. YSR Congress and Sakshi are trying to paint it as Corruption and inefficiency of TTD as well as the State Government.

Chief Secretary LV Subrahmanyam who has been appointed by the Election Commission to trouble Naidu also made indirect comments to bring a bad name to the government. But then, Legal and Political Experts say that TTD is being unnecessarily dragged into the issue. On maturity of the term of the contract, the Punjab National Bank (PNB) should ensure the delivery of the gold at the TTD’s treasury in Tirupati.

The TTD neither has any role to safeguard it nor any right to stake a claim. The bank is under obligation to return the gold of the “same quantity and purity” to the TTD. Even if all the gold is lost in transit, PNB should bear the loss and return the gold. So, there is no role of TTD in this issue and it does not even have prior knowledge of who is handling the gold, where it is coming from, and who will deliver it.