YSRCP Survey: Severe Anti-Incumbency On 50 MLAsThe other day, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy chaired the YSR Congress Legislative Party Meeting and expressed worry over the working of some of the MLAs across the state.

“The next two years are going to be testing time for us. Party coming back to power will depend on your performance in these two years. All MLAs should spend 20 days per month in villages,” the CM instructed.

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He also revealed some survey reports. “The performance of at least 50 MLAs is disappointing. Tickets will be given only on the basis of surveys. Every MLA should touch every house in his constituency at least three times before the elections,” Jagan said.

Fifty MLAs facing anti-incumbency is a very big number. That’s almost like one-third of the total MLAs of YSR Congress. Usually, unless something drastically changes, the number will only increase.

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It is often easy to change the public perception of those in Opposition. But very tough to do the same for those in power. Moreover, YSR Congress is battling severe anti-incumbency in most sections.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister himself also announced visiting districts starting from May.

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