No sooner after the MLAs took oath, YSR Congress party staged its first walkout. Government had formed the Assembly Business Advisory Committee which decides the agenda to be discussed in the house during every session. The BAC will have 4 members from TDP, one member of BJP and two members from YSR Congress. Finance Minister Yanamala will be the special invitee.

In general it is customary to have 2 members from each opposition party but YSR Congress is not satisfied. Since YSR Congress is the only party representing the opposition, they are asking for more members in BAC which is not agreeable to the government and then, YSR Congress boycotted the BAC meeting. The first BAC meeting was supposed to discuss issues like thanks motion for Governor’s address, Homage motion for Himachal tragedy victims, Congratulatory motion for students who scaled Everest and the bill on increasing retirement age of employees.