JanaSena-Pawan-KalyanYSR Congress is suddenly worried about the alliance of TDP and Janasena. In fact, YSRCP’s harassment has brought Naidu and Pawan Kalyan closer this time.

Ever since YSR Congress leaders and social media cell has started running an agenda. While the leaders are challenging Pawan Kalyan to contest all alone, social media is running campaigns about seat sharing.

Some people are trying to provoke Janasainiks to challenge them to get an equal number of seats as TDP and some are provoking them saying that Janasena will be given a meager number of seats.

Either way, the plan is to ensure that Janasena demand and gets seats more than their winning chances. If TDP refuses and the alliance is called off, it will be an advantage.

If TDP agrees and gives more seats, the purpose will be served.

It looks like the alliance with Janasena taking a moderate number of seats can be a death blow for YSR Congress.