Jagan_Pictures_on_School_students_booksWith Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan’s face flashed prominently on the cover page and pictures of other ministers and YSRCP cadre in the background, new syllabus study material has been issued for Kakinada Zilla Parishad schools.

According to the reports, using Zilla Parishad funds these books have been published by the YCP government in a hurried manner without any approval.

Already when standard syllabus books are available, what was the need to publish these books haphazardly, especially when the 10th-class exams are only two months away?

Also, it is being reported that the matter inside the books is pretty much irrelevant. Such gimmicky and senseless tactics are leading to criticism of the YCP government.

One looks at the cover and one is bound to feel that it’s propaganda material of Jagan’s government, instead of educational material.

Many on Twitter have been busy shooting snarky remarks at Jagan and his government. Some are also wondering if there are any funds misappropriation behind this tactic. Some are criticizing that the YCP government is also using educational syllabus books for its publicity stunts.