YS- Jagan-YSRCP-Plenary-meetYSR Congress‘s Two days plenary has concluded in Guntur. There was a decent attendance at the plenary and it came as a relief for the party which is worried by the people questioning the leaders at the Gadapa Gadapaku program and leaders in constituency-level plenaries.

But then nothing constructive happened at the Plenary. It is all about self-praise and opponents bashing at the Plenary. From Jagan to the leaders, we have seen everyone foul-crying about political witching hunting by Chandrababu, Pawan Kalyan, media, and other systems.

People can not stop laughing about a party that has come to power with 151 MLAs and 22 MPs lamenting witch-hunting.

Criticizing or abusing the opponents is also fine. But there is no talk about anything constructive.

We have seen leaders taking turns to heap ridiculous praises on Jagan as if he is a film star.

The Chief Minister is seen sheepishly smiling and enjoying the Bhajana.

The leaders are further encouraged by Jagan’s smiles and have competed with each other to increase the Bhajana.

It appears like some leaders even hired scriptwriters to prepare their speeches.

YSR Congress supporters themselves are worried if the CM is struck in the web of Bhajana and has turned blind to facts.