YSRCP-Played-into-TDP's-Hands,-Will-TDP-Grab-The-ChanceYSR Congress has decided to vote for the Congress Candidate in Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Elections which will happen tomorrow. Party’s Rajya Sabha MP and General Secretary, Vijaya Sai Reddy has confirmed this to media.

YSR Congress has two votes in the Upper House. It has to be seen how TDP will react to this move. TDP can step back and abstain from the voting saying that it cannot vote for Congress which has ensured the Bifurcation and also to BJP which has deceived AP.

TDP in such a condition can Blame YSR Congress for voting for the party which has ensured the Bifurcation. But in a way, abstaining from the voting will also help BJP as it will reduce the Saffron Party’s Target. So, it has to be seen what Chandrababu decides.

TRS is yet to take a decision on the voting. JDU has reached out to KCR asking to vote for its party candidate who is the NDA’s candidate. KCR also can not vote for Congress Candidate as the party is the main opposition in the state.