Manchu_Manoj_Mounika_ReddyThe marriage news of Manchu Manoj and Bhuma Mounika Reddy made headlines in Political pages than the cinema pages.

Mounika and Manoj drove to Kurnool to take the blessings of Grandfather SV Subba Reddy and Uncle SV Mohan Reddy indicating they are up to something politically.

Mounika Reddy worked for the victory of Sister Akhila Priya after Shobha Nagi Reddy‘s demise but there are rumors of property disputes between them.

Akhila Priya lost 2019 elections and there are several disputes and legal issues with family members and Bhuma family followers. Even TDP is contemplating to refuse ticket for her.

There are rumors that TDP may replace Mounika Reddy with Akhila Priya in Allagadda.

On the other hand, Buzz is YSR Congress is also contemplating giving Chandragiri ticket to Mounika. Kamma and Reddy voters are in majority in Chandragiri. Giving her ticket may appease a sulking Mohanbabu as well.

In case, she is given Chandragiri ticket, Chevireddy will be moved to Tirupati and Bhumana may be made TTD Chairman.

We will have to see which way they choose!