Vijaysai-Reddy-6-Capitals-Andhra-PradeshYSR Congress MP Vijaysai Reddy as always took shelter with caste, media, and TDP from the allegations of Insider Trading in Vishakapatnam.

Vijaysai Reddy repeatedly mentioned the buzz words – ‘Kamma’ and ‘Oka Samajikavargam’ with obvious intentions.

During the course of his speech, Vijaysai Reddy went on to say that 70% of the lands in Vishakapatnam also belongs to Kamma community.

YSR Congress moved the capital out of Amaravati saying that Kamma community owned majority of lands there using Binamis. We have seen YSR Congress insult farmers repeatedly calling them Paid Artists etc.

In case, 70% of Vishakapatnam lands are owned by the same Kamma Community, the city is also not suitable to be the capital as per YSR Congress’s logic.

In that case, YSR Congress should bring five capital or six capitals logic to save Vishakapatnam from that community.

For those who do not know, the actual caste-wise population of land pooling farmer in Amaravati – 32% of the farmers are Dalits, Reddys 20%, Kammas 18%, BC 14%, Kapu 9%, Muslims 3%, and Others 4%.