Nellore_YSRCP_Jagan_MekapatiChandrasekharReddy_Anam_KotamreddiNellore Crisis is booming in YSR Congress. Two MLAs – Anam Ram Narayana Reddy and Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy already dissociated themselves from the party. Third one, Udaygiri MLA Mekapati Chandrasekhar Reddy openly fired on the party in the media.

Buzz in the political circles is that the fourth MLA will come out in a day or two. This Crisis has come as a shock for Jagan Mohan Reddy and the party. This is the first time something of that sort is happening.

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Rebellion happens only when the King becomes weak. We are seeing that from times immemorial. Jagan is mighty powerful ever since winning 151 seats. There is not even a squeak from anyone in these three and a half years.

Jagan ensured silence even from the Opposition with Vendetta Politics. If Ruling Party MLAs with one – one and a half years of tenure left, it is a wrong signal for sure.

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YSR Congress says they are revolting having left out in Cabinet expansion. But the fact remains they can not get a cabinet berth even if they join TDP now. In fact if YSRCP wins and if they stick to the party, they stand a good chance.

Are they thinking TDP stands chance in 2024 and the cabinet dream can be fulfilled there?

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This development has come when Chandrababu Naidu’s tours have drawn huge crowds and when Lokesh’s Padayatra started.

And the next important question is – Will this Crisis stop just with Nellore or spread to other districts?