Roja Certain About Defeat?Nagari MLA Roja is one of the most vocal politicians in Andhra Pradesh. For some reason, Roja has become silent in the election season. Even during the heat of the election, Roja is confined only to her constituency. Furthermore, she is totally absent from the Political Scene after the elections.

This indicates that this is not going to be an easy election for her and is low on confidence. TDP has fielded Gali Bhanu, son of Late Gali Muddu Krishnama Naidu as its candidate in Nagari. He does not have support even from the family and everyone thought Roja will walk over him comfortably.

But then, things turned topsy turvy in the constituency as TDP cadre and leader worked hard to defeat Roja while the factions in YSR Congress tried to bring her down. The Seniors of the district were afraid of her getting a cabinet berth if she wins and so tried their level best to defeat her.

Moreover, a Senior Congress leader supported TDP here in the last minute making things difficult for Roja. Since her Political debut, Roja is always confined to Opposition, it has to be seen if she wins this time and YSR Congress comes to Power. If that does not happen, Roja will have a tough time to survive in politics.